7 Hacks To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

how to make your perfume last longer

These 7 hacks to make your fragrance last longer could change your relationship with fragrances.

With warmer temperatures fast approaching in Australia, it is important to understand how heat impacts scent and what you can do to make your fragrances go the distance.

According to Perfumia (one of the largest fragrance retailers in the US), fragrance needs heat to work.

When still inside the bottle, fragrances are simply aromatic molecules. Upon contact with skin and heat, they then begin to evaporate, and the molecules are released into the air.

Air temperature as well as skin temperature therefore affect how long a fragrance will last.

Especially in the Summer months, whatever scent is sprayed onto the skin evaporates at a much quicker rate and the way perfume smells is also affected.

Though largely unavoidable, try to keep as cool as you can as the natural oils that come from sweating will break down the fragrance quicker.

how to make your perfume last longer
Maximise the wear time of your fragrances.

Take note of what type of perfume you are using. Easily found on the web are fragrance concentration charts which outline the strength of different types of scents. It is usually as follows –

  • Extract / solid perfume: 20-30%
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP): 15-20%
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT): 5-15%
  • Cologne (EDC): 2-4%
make your perfume last longer

The higher the percentage, the longer the fragrance will last.

However, depending on the ingredients and notes incorporated, some may be weaker or stronger than what is expected, regardless of the concentration chart.

Here are some tips to maximise fragrance wear time.

1. Recognise the difference between a Summer and Winter fragrance.

Though not explicitly identified, there are a few ways of telling a summer scent from a winter scent.

First is the ingredients and notes. These ingredients tend to be fruitier and lighter and are able to cope better with hot temperatures.

Scents that are more citrusy and floral are ideal. In particular, white florals such as jasmine, tuberose and frangipani will hold their scent longer as they are known to bloom in hot weather.

The second is the intensity of the scent. Fragrances that are heavy and strong tend to be overwhelming in hot temperatures, therefore they would be considered more suitable for use in Winter. Examples of light fragrances are those with notes of vanilla, coconut and lemon which are fresh and summery.

2. Moisturise first

hacks to make perfume last longer

Moisturised skin absorbs fragrance better. This is because the rich oils that are present when the skin is moisturised cling on better to scents, not allowing them to dry up quickly.

You can either moisturise with a complimentary body lotion from the same brand as the perfume, or any fragrance-free lotion.

3. Spritz straight after showering

Similar to the previous hack, skin that has a bit of moisture to it will hold on better to perfumes.

Make sure that when you spritz, do not rub or dab it into the skin as friction will cause the top notes of the perfume to disappear quicker. Instead, allow the liquid to sink in by itself.

Also refrain from wearing your clothes on immediately after spraying. This tends to cause the fragrance to be transferred onto the clothing not only staining your clothes but also lowering the strength of the scent.

make perfume last longer
Spray perfume after showering while the skin still has moisture.

4. Spray where there is a pulse

how to make your perfume last longer

The four pulse points that perfume should be sprayed on to achieve optimal wear are the wrists, neck, inner elbow and back of the knee. These spots have been known to be most effective as they can amplify and magnify a scent.

A new hack that has recently begin trending has also been to apply Vaseline (or any petroleum jelly) to these pulse points to lock the spray in and extend the life of the fragrance.

5. Apply perfume on your hairbrush

Spraying perfume directly onto the hair can be highly damaging to the natural oils of the hair and cause it to dry out due to the levels of alcohol present.

Instead, spray your perfume onto a hairbrush and lightly run it through your hair.

Alternatively, if you want your hair to have zero contact with alcohol-based fragrances, consider using a hair fragrance.

This will give your hair a light scent, while also keeping it fresh between washes.

Here are some recommended hair fragrances:

Sachajuan Ocean Mist ($42)


fragrance hair mist

Sachajuan is an upcoming haircare brand, with all of its ingredients sourced in or near Stockholm, Sweden.

All ingredients that go into the making of their products are considered ‘active’, meaning they are perfectly in balance and coordinate extremely well in the final product.

Apart from adding scent to the hair that isn’t damaging, the Ocean Mist also improves hair elasticity, adds a bit of shine and retains moisture.

After spraying, you can blow dry or diffuse your hair, or even leave it to air dry naturally. 

Get it here.

Juliette Has A Gun Not a Hair and Body Mist ($82)


two in one hair and body fragrance mist

If you want to get the most out of your hair mist, this is it. Apart from being sprayed onto the hair, it can also be sprayed onto the body or clothing to give a clean and unique scent.

Its liquid formula has been designed to target and balance skin and hair pH levels, while also restoring hair shine.

Get it here.

6. Store your perfume properly

hacks for perfume

The quality and strength of a fragrance can be easily affected by how it is stored. Ensure that perfume is always in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight or places with fluctuating temperatures.

One place to avoid is leaving perfume bottles in the bathroom. The heat, humidity and dampness of the room will break down and in turn weaken the fragrance. An alternative to the bathroom could be the bedroom where it is dry, and temperatures are steadier. 

If possible, keep the perfume in its original box and away from sunlight as daylight will degrade and break down the oils in the perfume.

hacks to make perfume last longer

7. Do not shake the perfume bottle

Perfume bottles are designed to stay in one spot and do not have the strength to withstand large amounts of movement and shaking.

Shaking a perfume bottle will impact the scent as it lets air into the bottle and in turn reduces the quality of the perfume.

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