Fish Feet – the new beauty treatment sweeping Europe.



Fish are being used to clean dry skin off feet in a new beauty treatment called “Doctor Fish”.


Fish are used in a new foot spa treatment to nibble away dead skin.

Clients have to thoroughly wash their feet before settling into a comfy seat and lowering both legs into a tank full of fish who then swarm around the feet.

The fish known as Garra Rufa nibble at the dry skin on your feet and lower legs to remove dead skin and psoriasis.

Whilst there has been no formal evidence it works, the beauty rooms in Europe are currently packed with both men and women spending up to twenty minutes at a time enjoying the treatment.

Medical experts have raised hygiene concerns, but people don’t seem concerned.

Bondi Beauty road tested it in Greece and it  feels calming, and relaxing, and seems to leave feet smooth and soft – ready for a full pedicure. We could see it in Australia this summer.

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