The New Tik Tok Trend: Hair Slugging

It’s the new beauty trend that has taken Tik Tok by storm, but did you know you can apply Slugging to your hair?

What is hair slugging? Hair slugging is a leave-in hair treatment using oil, leave-in conditioner, or a bonding treatment used before shampooing the hair. These treatments are left in overnight or for several hours, to infuse moisture into the hair leaving it extra shiny and hydrated. 

Hair slugging is one of the latest Tik Tok beauty trends circulating the app. To get a clearer idea of what hair slugging is and how to do it, keep reading. 

Though it is a solid trend amongst beauty influencers across the globe right now, many people are also commenting on how it’s nothing new and black Americans, south East Asians and women of the middle east have been doing it for many decades now, as a way to enrich dry, and frizzy hair, making it glossier, softer and smoother.

Especially for Asians with curly hair who have long been soaking hair in rich conditioners and oils for a while now.

How to do Hair Slugging

Fuzzy sock for Hair Slugging

Put a layer of your favourite lightweight hair oil or a hair mask to the ends of your hair, lock it in with a fuzzy sock (yes you read that correctly) or a shower cap, and leave it overnight for smooth and shiny hair in the morning. Check out this Tik Tok for a tutorial on hair slugging.

The benefits of using a fuzzy sock to wrap the hair overnight include reduced damage, protection from friction caused by pillowcases and sheets, and prevented hair breakage and split ends. A fuzzy sock will help to lock the moisture into the hair and leave the hair silky in the morning. 

OUAI Hair Oil

A great lightweight hair oil for hair slugging is the OUAI Hair Oil, which will leave your hair with a high shine, and feeling smooth and glossy for just $43 from Sephora.

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Treatment for Dry Hair

A more affordable hair oil for hair slugging is the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment for Dry Hair, for $17.99.

Who is it for?

Hair slugging is mainly beneficial for extremely dry or frizzy hair. For smoother hair not lacking moisture, hair slugging can cause a build up of product, weighing down the hair. So, a lightweight product for hair slugging is the way to go if the hair isn’t super dry or frizzy, but still feels like some extra moisture is needed. 

According to expert and celebrity stylist Jason Collier, most hair types don’t need this much extra moisture. Jason doesn’t recommend hair slugging as he believes it is an overuse of products that add unnecessary moisture. Hair generally soaks in the amount of moisture that it needs, so adding more with hair slugging can be ineffective and add build up. 

So, if the hair isn’t in an emergency state of needing additional moisture, washing the hair up to three times a week, and using a hair strengthening product once a week, is more than enough to keep the hair moisturised. 

Why Should You Start Hair Slugging? 

Hair slugging moisturises dry hair, as well as the scalp. If the scalp is feeling dry, put a lightweight oil through the roots of the hair, pop a shower cap on, and leave it for a few hours or overnight. 

For a super soft and shiny look after shampooing, hair slugging is the place to start. It can even leave the hair with a silkier finish after styling. Just be sure to check that your hair type is suitable for hair slugging to avoid a build up of product. 

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