Oscar Beauty: Oscars hair guru gives us all the insider tips



How the stars really get their hair ready for The Oscars. The insider tips.

Gorgeous Australian actor Margot Robbie shows us how it’s done at last year’s Oscars (image c/- Pinterest).

We spoke to Philips HairCare Ambassador and internationally-renowned hair guru Lizzie Liros for some insider advice on getting your hair ready for the Oscars.

Having worked with celebs like John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Kylie Minogue, and fashion brands including Alex Perry and Carla Zampatti, Lizzie Liros, Australia’s #1 Bridal Hairstylist from 2008 to 2014, shares her exclusive insider tips for outshining the celebs with your Oscars-ready hair.

  1. Treat with mask or oils:
    Treating hair doesn’t have to be time consuming as some products require only a few minutes to work wonders. Hair masks and oils help replenish the natural oils and minerals that strands may be lacking, resulting in healthier and visibly shinier hair. Using a mask once a week can add a Oscars-ready touch to your hair.

    Lizzie’s tips:
    • No longer than 30 minutes for a mask — otherwise you can cause damage.
    • Put a cap over the mask and sit outside in the sun — the heat will let the mask penetrate into your hair.

  2. Massage your scalp and finish your wash with cold water:
    Most people wash their hair every second day. However, if you’re washing once everyday, it’s best to invest in a milk-based shampoo and conditioner to ensure your strands are cared for.

    Lizzie’s tips:
    • For those with fine and oily hair, use a volumising shampoo.

  3. Use heat protection products:
    If you use heated tools to style — e.g. flat irons, curlers or even blow dryers — you’ll need to ensure you’re investing in a heat protection product to protect your strands. It’s as easy as mixing a small amount in your hands and combing it through your locks with your fingers.

    Lizzie’s tips:
    • Heat protection is important for anyone using tools, however it’s even more important for preventing breakage.
    • If you notice your hair is slowing down in length, it’s often due to the ends suffering from heat damage.
    • Remember, not everyone needs heat. If you don’t use a blow dryer, you might just need a wash-and-wear product.

  4. Choose a styling range that minimises damage to your hair:
    When styling, it’s important to tailor the routine to your lifestyle. Think about the tools and products you use to create your look. For example, daily blow-drying of your hair might mean you need to invest in a heat-protecting blow dryer like the Philips MoistureProtect Dryer.

    Lizzie’s tips:
    • For fine hair, I always recommend volumising shampoo and conditioner.
    • For curly hair, look at using a curl enhancer cream in damp locks and leave to set naturally.
    • Most of all, ensure you talk to your hairdresser about your lifestyle and how to manage the style they create for you.

Head to Philips HairCare for the products that will help you outshine the stars at the Oscars.

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