A New Way to Clean Your Face

a new way to clean your skin

Is this product the ultimate treadmill for your face? Foreo facial cleansers come with a motorised function to get into pores and really clean skin.

The new Foreo facial cleansing tool is revolutionising the way we cleanse our face. It gives you a thorough workout without leaving home, but unlike your treadmill, there’s no sweat, just clean, clear skin.

Clean, clear skin is as important in cooler weather as in summer, and  a new motorised silicone facial cleanser promises to take the stress out of the process.

Small enough to fit into your gym bag, the Foreo beauty device lightly pulses the skin giving it a gentle but firm massage, and cleaning pores at the same time.

Perfectly safe to use with your favourite cleanser and water, it also claims to lessen the appearance of fine lines due to the massaging and gentle stimulating effect.

It certainly feels great on the skin, and is a pleasure to use twice a day due to the massaging effect.

FOREO is a wildly creative Swedish beauty-tech brand created to provide every beauty lover in the world with products that actually work. Imagine that.

So, if you’re the type to celebrate INTEGRITY in humans, businesses and technology (and you’re into beautifying peoples’ lives), FOREO just might be the place for you.

And they even make one for men too.

In 2013, this beauty brand had just two employees wandering around the tiny Swedish office that would grow to become FOREO’s international HQ.

Today, FOREO has over 3,000 beautiful people spread over dozens of international cities. They have also sold over 36 million FOREO products in 75+ countries. When something works, word spreads.

Though the founders were totally new to the world of beauty and wellness when they started at FOREO, they soon became experts. Their backgrounds might be unconventional, but so are the solutions they offer.

FOREO is pretty much the opposite of your standard, blasé, cookie-cutter beauty company. Their very first product, LUNA, was so unique and awesome they were forced to invent a whole new beauty sub-category. Beauty Tech.

Their first product, the LUNA sonic and silicone facial cleansing brush came out in 2013 to take the industry by storm. LUNA soon became the darling of the beauty world. For millions, it still is.

After that came ISSA, a super-soft, sonic-powered wonder-brush that added some needed zip to a stale electric toothbrush industry.

Then FOREO’s UFO smart mask device materialized to transform the world of sheet masks turning yester-century’s 20-minute masking routine into a mondo-effective, 90-second, techno mask and LED photofacial.

Do we need to go on. There’s a reason why they are one of the most popular beauty brands in the market today. If you haven’t tried any of their products, jump on board today. You won’t regret it.

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