The Insider Beauty Product For Flawless Make Up Application

Using a toner can completely transform the skin

This underrated beauty product will give you flawless make up application.

Using a toner can completely transform the skin. Discover the many benefits of toners from detoxing the skin to prepping skin for make up application

The key to a flawless makeup finish comes down to skin prep and this includes using the right toner.

Toners are an often overlooked but beneficial skincare product that usually comes in a lightweight watery consistency and is used on the skin after cleansing, before applying other skincare products.

For years there have been debate that toners are useless and drying, however toners have evolved to include the right ingredients that can elevate your skincare routine and aid in restoring and nourishing the skin gently. Most toners now include hydrating and moisturising ingredients to fight dryness and irritation.

The range of toners available are extensive and each toner offers different benefits, including removing excess oil, minimizing pores and balancing skin’s PH. With hydrating and cooling ingredients being added to most toners, it can also be used as a refreshing face mist throughout the day.

How to use a toner

The most common application of toners is with a cotton pad. After cleansing the face, apply the toner to a cotton pad and swipe/dab it across your face and neck, allowing the skin to absorb the product completely for about 30 seconds.

Toners can be used day or night, according to individual’s skincare routines. Like most skincare products, when picking a toner, avoid ingredients such as alcohols, strong fragrances and harsh chemicals.

The benefits of toners

Minimizes the appearance of pores

Toners are formulated with sebum-controlling ingredients which gets rid of excess oil on the face, thereby minimising the appearance of pores. Using ingredients such as witch hazel in skin prep helps control oil throughout the day, meaning makeup lasts longer and won’t require as many touch-ups.

Origins Zero Oil Purifying Toner with Saw Palmetto and Mint $38.00 reduces shine and oils to leave skin with a smooth, matte finish

Balanced and brightened skin

Using a toner is a great way to add antioxidants such as calming niacinamide, vitamin C and A to the skin. This helps with skin concerns such as dullness, aging and can boost skin’s complexion. Toners also help in balancing the skin’s PH which is important in reducing irritation and gives the skin an even tone. Look for plant-based extracts like aloe vera and chamomile to calm irritation and redness.

Votary’s Daily Apple toner with malic acid and prebiotic $26.91 gives skin a radiant glow. Containing a blend of AHA’s and liquorice extract, it gently evens skin tone and rebalances skin’s microbiome while boosting hydration.

Added hydration

With skincare trends such as facial slugging taking over, it’s no surprise that ingredients for hydration purposes are being included in most skincare. Toners are no exception to this. For dry skin, look for glycerine and hyaluronic acid as key ingredients to ensure skin gets as much moisture as possible, preventing dryness.

Jelly Ko Dewy Glaze toner $40.00 is made with birch sap and 3 types of hyaluronic acids to boost the skin’s barrier and reduce trans-epidermal water loss. It’s also 100% cruelty free which is an added bonus.

A hydrating mist toner also is an easy, mess free way to rehydrate the skin on the go and refresh a makeup look.

Essano’s Hydrating rosehip $8.39 is a cost-effective mist toner that provides an effective hydration boost while balancing and refining pores with green tea and witch hazel.

A deep clean

The biggest benefit of a toner is providing a deep clean. Layers of makeup and sunscreen can leave debris on the skin even after cleansing. This is where a toner comes in handy.

When a single cleansing step isn’t enough, using a toner will remove excess debris, oils and makeup. Adding this step into your skincare routine will help in fighting clogged pores and prevents breakouts.

Consider Skin Proud’s detox tonic $19.59. This toner is an exfoliating toner that is gentle enough to use every day. Containing lactic and glycolic acid, it removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores and combats blemishes.

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