The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape To Rock This Summer

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Figuring out what type of sunglasses suit your face shape is the first thing to do come summer. 

Not only do sunglasses protect our eyes and the skin around them, they are the ultimate fashion accessory that completes any outfit or bikini. 

The most challenging part of shopping for a new pair of sunglasses is perfecting the match between them and the shape of the face. 

The majority of people fall into one of these five common facial shapes; heart, square, round, oval or diamond.

For instance, oval – shaped lenses can balance out a striking jawline of a squared face shape, while people who have more oval – shaped faces can rock oversized sunglasses because of the extra length above and below the lenses. 

Heart – shaped face 

The main characteristics of the heart face shape are; wide forehead and cheekbones and a narrow chin. Selecting sunglasses that direct the eyes downward makes the face appear elongated. 

Styles best suited :

Cat eye, felt top, rectangular frames, aviators, square cat eye

Rectangle frames make are the perfect statement sunglasses for the heart – shaped face.

Round – shaped face 

This face type is one of full cheekbones with a more narrow forehead. The circular shape means the width and length of the face are quite similar. Round sunglasses, as a result, won’t highlight any features of this shape. 

Styles best suited :

Slim cat eye, retro square, wide rectangular frames or wayfarer. 

The cat – eye sunglasses are a classic eye – catcher for summer.

Diamond – shaped face 

This shape refers to faces with smaller foreheads than the width of their cheekbones. Plus, the diamond – shaped face has a narrow chin, meaning any style of sunglasses compliment the structured look of the diamond shape.

Styles best suited : 

Any frame styles… look for different cuts, rims, colours and patterns o really stand out this summer. 

Try something new this summer with a trendy pair of sunglasses.

Oval – shaped face 

The oval – shaped face is a balance of forehead, cheekbones and jawlines. The equal spaciousness of the face allows this face type to experiment with many sunglass styles. 

Styles best suited :

Try something unique and eye – catching, as these sorts of sunglasses can sit perfectly against the features of the oval face. 

An oversized frame will never go unnoticed – especially with a gradient lens

Square – shaped face 

This facial type has a structured jawline with minimal curves and a broader forehead. Curved sunglasses can soften shape features and provide a gorgeous balance between features. 

Styles best suited :

Cat eye, oval frames, oversized and round sunglasses. 

Oval frames embellish the facial features for a total stand – out summer look.
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