6 Incredible Graphic Eyeliner Trends Celebrities Love

top graphic eyeliner looks to rock

Graphic eyeliner trends are what you need in your life this summer. These are the 6 eye looks celebrities love that’ll make your eyes pop.

Reinvent your look this summer with unmissable graphic eyeliner trends that are all over the red carpet. From the reemergence of the 60s Cat Eye to the incorporation of gems as eyeliner, these eye-catching techniques will certainly turn heads.

1. Reverse Cat Eye

This is the 2021 take on the 1960s iconic cat-eye look. This trend was brought to light by pioneers of the ‘resting bitch face’ community, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

6 Incredible Graphic Eyeliner Trends Celebrities Love
Kim Kardashian’s Reverse Cat Eye Look

How To:

In order to achieve this trend bring the eyeliner to the lower lash line only, leaving the eyelid free of eyeliner and allowing your lashes to shine. Secondly, draw the wing out to elevate this dramatic eye-opening feline shape.

2. Gigi’s Floating Eyeliner

Some may argue eyeliner needs to frame your eyelid. However, Gigi proved these people wrong. This inventive look was conceived by make-up artist, Patrick Ta. Ta’s bold style was a catalyst for breaking down the conventions of eyeliner and thus demonstrating that make-up can be an art form. 

Gigi Hadid’s Floating Eyeliner

How To:

To recreate this style you’ll need a steady hand, a makeup wipe, and white eyeliner. Firstly, begin at the cut crease in line with your inner corner and slowly drag the tip straight across the eyelid. Then, straighten up the line using a makeup wipe and embrace your gorgeous masterpiece.

3. Ultra-defined Eyeliner

Ever since Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga’s music video, Rain On Me, came out in 2020, celebrities have begun adorning experimental ultra-defined graphic eyeliner. Moreover, this technique usually features negative space, pops of colour, graphic shapes and emphasise the natural contours of the face. 

Rain on Me Inspired Makeup ByJeannine

How To:

Firstly, begin this method by creating a wing that can be however long you want. Subsequently, start at the inner corner and follow the cut crease until you have to curve upwards towards the tip of the wing. Plus, it’s easier to use a thin brush to build upon rather than a thick eyeliner you have thin out.

4. Gems as Eyeliner

If you’re looking for make-up inspiration, look no further than Eurphoria (2019). Euphoria follows the troubled teenager, Rue, played by Zendaya, winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The show explores pressing issues such as drug addiction, body image, assault, and gender fluidity. 

The talented performances were supplemented by unique make-up looks, for example, gems as eyeliner. In particular, the character, Maddy, emphasised her round-shaped eyes by using glitter jewels as a cat-eye frame or a cut crease.

Maddy Perez’s (Alexa Demie) Gems as Eyeliner Look

How To:

To create this eye-catching trend, you can place gems along the cut crease from the inner corner to the outer corner with a complimentary wing to finish. As an alternative, place the gems where you would normally place eyeliner and you’ll instantly feel more fabulous.

5. White Eyeliner

The 70s called, they want their white eyeliner trend back. 

But it is here to stay. Influencers and celebrities alike are elevating their make-up routine with this modern minimal look that makes a gorgeous contrast to every complexion. Furthermore, the contrast of white immediately makes your eyes look brighter and bigger.

Dua Lipa’s White Eyeliner

How To:

The beauty of white eyeliner is that it can be as subtle or bold as you wish and can be placed basically anywhere around the eye. Applying it to the inner corners and undereye will make you look more awake. Similarly, applying it under the brow adds definition and frames the eye wonderfully. Alternatively, applying it as normal eyeliner creates a striking and modern aesthetic that would work with any outfit.

6. Dramatic Inner Corners

The convention that eyeliner should focus on enhancing the wing of the eye can now be swept aside. Dramatic inner corners are now all the rage from the red carpet to Tik Tok. The result: extra defined and sexy feline cat-eye that creates an intimidating rebellious look.

Stormi Reid’s Dramatic Inner Corners Look

How To:

The most important tip for doing any eyeliner look is to have a thin brush and liquidity formula. This ensures the lines are defined and easy to build upon if needed. Thus, it’s best to start at the inner corners and draw outwards across the lid. Consider adding colour or highlight to this look to further enhance the drama.

Maddy Remedios


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