5 Ice Rollers To Instantly Reduce Puffiness and Redness

Ice roller

Ice rollers are the latest beauty craze for skincare lovers, providing instant relief for puffiness and redness.

They are brilliant in summer on a hot day to cool the skin down in seconds.

Originally used in Europe and Asia, ice rollers are becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst skincare fanatics.

Face rollers became prominent in China thousands of years ago, where jade (a semi-precious stone) was rolled on the face. This was believed to have energy-healing properties while keeping the skin youthful and cool. 

Extremely easy to use, an ice roller mirrors the process of pressing ice on the skin, normally done with an ice cube or even a bag of peas.

ice rollers
Ice rollers are another version of the standard face roller.

It is a handheld gadget filled with water and gel, that when applied on the face can reduce puffiness and redness while at the same time firm the skin. You can keep it in the fridge or even the freezer for great effects.

What are the benefits of an ice roller?

When ice is applied onto the skin, the blood vessels contract leaving pores smaller and temporarily tightening the skin.

An ice roller can be used anywhere that needs a de-puffing or where the skin is red. It is however generally used on the face, neck area and around the eyes.

Not only does it have benefits for the face, it can be used across the entire body.

ice rollers reduce puffiness
Ice rollers will instantly transform the skin.

Three ways to use an ice roller on different parts on the body:

An ice roller can be used to reduce bruises: By moving the roller in an upwards direction on the bruised area. Make sure not to press too hard or the bruise will deepen.

Using an ice roller to reduce headaches and migraines: roll the ice roller gently on temples, forehead, above the eyes and around the neck.

Using an ice roller for muscle strain: roll it along the strain for an extended period of time. Remember to keep the ice roller cold, even if that means sticking it back in the freezer for a little bit.

How is an ice roller used?

Simply store the ice roller in the freezer or leave it in a bowl of icy water approximately 15 minutes prior to using.

This depends on the usage instructions of your specific roller as different brands may have different freezing methods.

When rolling it on the face, use upward and outward motions like you would any other face tool and roll in specific areas of concern three to four times.

However, make sure not to press too hard to prevent damaging the skin.

ice rollers
Ice rollers are ideal for everyday use to achieve long-term results.

Five to ten minute sessions are ideal, with daily use highly recommended.

Long term use of an ice roller also has benefits such as preventing wrinkles and creating a lifting effect on the areas it is used, especially the face.

Find an ice roller that is perfect for you:


Flawless Finishing Touch Ice Roller – $19.99

ice roller

Giving the perfect soothing sensation for the face, this ice roller combines the two beauty methods of rolling massage and ice therapy to give a relaxing at-home spa experience.

Its benefits include leaving your skin feeling refreshed, giving a beautiful glow to the face, and is extremely lightweight for effortless applications. 

This ice roller doesn’t always have to be used cold. It can also be used to apply skin creams and lotions, helping to blend skincare products onto the face.

Get it here.


Lonvitalite Ice Roller Advanced Replaceable Head – from $29

Instantly reducing puffiness, the Lonvitalite ice roller soothes and cools inflamed or irritated skin.

Not only is this healthy for the skin, it also helps set a more even canvas for makeup application.

For multiple functions in one, this replaceable ice roller head can be interchanged with other tools such as dermal or contour rollers. 

Make sure that you have already purchased the Lonvitalite Dermal Roller prior as the ice roller attachable head is sold separately.

Get the replaceable head here ($29).

Get the dermal roller here ($59.95).


001 Skincare CRYOpress Ice Facial Massager – $108

Using Cryotherapy, this ice massager brightens the complexion with noticeable results within 15 minutes after the first use.

Not only does it tighten and lift the skin like an average ice massager, it also improves rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

ice roller

When used long term, it has also been seen to even out pigmentation and give the skin a more youthful look.

By rolling the massager in upwards motions, this will tighten and lift muscles in the skin while also removing any toxins from the surface of the skin.

Get it here.


Aceology The Original Blue Ice Globe Massager – $64

With its unique, sleek and simple design, the ice globe’s shape makes it the perfect skincare travel companion.

Incorporate it into your skincare routine (preferably after all skincare has been done) to increase product absorption.

Its numerous functions include minimising the appearance of pores as well as stimulating circulation and oxygenating the skin.

Apart from beauty benefits, it can also be massaged onto certain pain points to sooth sinus pains, headaches and muscle tensions.

Get it here.


Stacked Skincare Cryo Sculpting Roller – $125

Made with a unique stainless-steel barrel to help it stay cold for longer, the Stacked Skincare has been recommended by L.A. aesthetician Kerry Benjamin who has suffered eczema throughout her whole life.

The ice roller cools irritated skin, allowing it to instantly feel calmer and more soothed, also visibly lifting the facial contours.

It is ideal for acne lesions, with its egg-shaped roller being the perfect size to target puffy under eyes and hard to reach areas on the face.

Get it here.

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