Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Unhealthy Cravings

Famous Soda Co

From roasted chickpeas to natural jerky, healthy snacks have never been tastier.

We found snacks that have mastered the perfect balance between being healthy and still tasting delicious.

So if you’re looking to diversify your pantry, here are 5 snacks and drinks that are not only healthier than a bag of chips but will completely satisfy any craving.

The Happy Snack Company Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas
RRP $5.49 per box

For a crunchy, wholesome snack, The Happy Snack Company Roasted Chickpeas serve as a healthy yet satisfying vegan-friendly alternative.

Produced in Australia, these lightly seasoned, slow-roasted chickpeas fill you up fast and are only 100 calories per serving.

They have a range of savoury and sweet flavours to sustain snack cravings at any time during the day or night.

Some of these roasted chickpea flavours include classic lightly salted, lime and cracked pepper, spicy tomato and chilli, dark choc and raspberry, choc salted caramel and more.

Kooee! Natural Beef Jerky

Kooee Healthy Jerky
RRP: $35 for 10 x 30g packs

Kooee Snacks uses simple ingredients to produce perfectly seasoned jerky for you to snack on throughout the day, guilt-free.

Unlike other jerky brands, this high-protein snack is free from nasty added hormones and antibiotics.

Crafted from 100% grass-fed Tasmanian beef, this high-quality snack is guaranteed to fix any salty cravings.

Kooee Snacks offer three classic beef jerky flavours including smoked chipotle, sea salt and habanero chilli for a bit of a kick.

They also have an original chicken jerky flavour.

99TH  Almond Cacao Butter

Almond Cacao Butter
RRP: $8 for 1 jar

Say goodbye to peanut butter and hello to almond cacao butter.

This natural chocolate-flavoured almond butter is created using just four ingredients; almonds, coconut sugar, raw cacao and cacao butter.

It is a healthier alternative to highly-process spreads yet still offers a delicious, creamy texture.

Try pairing a dollop of 99th Almond Cacao Butter with chopped banana for the ultimate healthy snack combination.

Famous Soda Co

Famous Soda Co
RRP: $44.99 for 12 x 330ml bottles

To put a stop to those dangerous fizzy drink cravings, Famous Soda Co have created 5 irresistibly delicious soda flavours that are not only 100% natural but have zero sugar.

Their current flavours include blood orange, passionfruit, pink lemonade, ginger beer and lemon.

From fruity to zesty there is simply a flavour for everyone.

Not to mention these summer-loving drinks are only 8 calories per serving.

Level Lemonade

LEVEL Lemonade
RRP: $67 for 24 pack

Created with the intention of helping Australian’s top up their magnesium and Vitamin C levels, the Level Lemonades are the perfect healthy soft drink option.

Their products are great if you are looking for a low-sugar alternative that doesn’t compromise on giving you the carbonated experience you’ve been craving.

Their recipe also ensures that each bottle actually contains the recommended daily intake of magnesium and Vitamin C, leaving you with a delicious, bubbly concoction that is actually good for you. 

These beverages come in an array of flavours that truly hit the spot including original lemon, lemon and orange, lemon and pineapple and raspberry and lemon.

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