Anisha Rapthi


Anisha's perfect Friday night consists of playing boardgames and sharing a laugh with her nearest and dearest while devouring some Messina ice-cream. She is passionate about learning from empowering women and can usually be found listening to podcasts, watching videos or reading articles, obsessing over whoever the latest ally is. Like most millennials, her favourite way to wind-down is to grab a yummy snack and binge-watch her favourite Netflix series.

Valentine’s Day At Blow Bar Co.

Whether you are partnered up this Valentine’s Day or happily single, one of Bondi Beauty’s favourite hair salons, Blow Bar Co have created the perfect V-Day gift guide for you. If bubbles and blow outs are your thing, then you will be happy to know that this popular Sydney joint are offering 3 lovely Valentine’s […]

Can Sleeping In Separate Rooms Save Your Relationship?

Sleep-divorcing is on the rise with couples realising that having a good night’s sleep is more important than sharing a bed with their partner. What is sleep-divorcing? Sleep-divorcing is when a couple decides to sleep in separate beds or rooms to avoid very common sleep disturbances such as snoring, sleep-talking or restlessness. While sleeping in […]

Hair Products The Bondi Beauty Team Swear By

Summer is underway, and our hair is suffering under that hot, blazing sun. Whether it’s a family BBQ, a picnic at the beach with your darling partner or a kick-back pool party for you and all your mates, Bondi Beauty is here to make sure you and your hair are looking exceptionally fabulous throughout. The […]

Beauty Brands Saving The World By Recycling

If it hasn’t been repeatedly drummed into your ears already, one-use plastic is destroying our environment. Cosmetic companies worldwide are being forced to re-think their packaging and sales strategies in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills.  Movements like circular beauty and waterless beauty have each taken primitive steps […]

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