The Best Summer Drinks To Sip 2020 Away

Good Tides Hard Seltzer

With Christmas around the corner, and Summer in full swing, it’s time to shake up your go-to selection of drinks.

Pampelle Spritz

Pampelle Ruby Red Grapefruit
Très delicious.

From the world’s first red grapefruit apéritif, Pampelle has created a gorgeous alternative to a regular Aperol spritz.

With the bracing bittersweet flavour of grapefruit cutting against the Prosecco, this versatile spirit creates the ultimate fruity spritz fusion.

This drink also has a heavy influence from the south of France making it the perfect cocktail to drink all those European holiday plans away.

Enjoy this refreshing cocktail with your friends for you next summer sesh and don’t forget to share the recipe.


1 part Pampelle

3 parts Prosecco

1 part Soda Water


Freshly sliced grapefruit


  1. Fill the glass with ice.
  2. Add all liquid ingredients and stir.
  3. Top off with a fresh slice of grapefruit.
  4. Enjoy.

Famous Soda Co

Famous Soda Co
All-natural formulas.

For a non-alcoholic beverage this Summer, don’t reach for a sugar-filled fizzy drink and instead grab yourself a cold case of Famous Soda Co.

This revolutionary brand has introduced a range of 100% natural, no-sugar, healthy sodas that only have 8 calories per can.

The bubbly beverages come in a range of summer-loving flavours including Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, Pink Lemonade, Lemon and Ginger Beer.

Once you take a sip from these ridiculously delicious, guilt-free sodas you’ll never look back.

Good Tides Seltzers

Good Tides Hard Seltzer
Be free to go with the flow.

Seltzers have been one of the biggest trends to come out of 2020 and for good reason.

These low-calorie alcoholic bevvies are the perfect mixer drink for Summer.

Whether you’re having a pool day or kicking back with your friends, Good Tides seltzers are a light, easy-to-drink option that keeps the bloat at bay.

They come in two thirst-quenching flavours, Lemon and Lime for a refreshing taste with a subtle citrus-y kick or Raspberry Vodka for a sweeter fruity zing.

Both flavours have zero artificial sweeteners and are 100% sugar-free so you can freely enjoy your drink without fear of experiencing an unforgiving hangover the next day.  


Unwstd London Dry Gin
More fun and less hangovers.

Unwstd have brought out a range of alcohol-free spirits for those who prefer to “spend less time nursing hangovers, and more time nursing passions”.

The best part about these mixers are that they give you the chance to create your own mocktail recipes with your favourite go-to spirits.

These incredible dupes come in a huge range of flavours from a London Dry Style Gin to a Spiced Cane Spirit Rum and more.

No matter what social situation you are in just know that the supportive Unwstd community has the perfect booze-free option for you.

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