How To Keep Your Nails Looking Glam In Lockdown

Glamorous bright red nails reaching for toilet paper.

A fresh set of nails, much like a pair of stylish hoop earrings, are a must-have accessory to add dimension to any look, but what do you do if all your favourite nail salons are shut?

First published in April 2021, and again in July 2021 for the Sydney lockdown.

With a second lockdown in place here in Sydney, we are left to our own devices when it comes to self-grooming and maintenance. 

Luckily there are several ways to re-create your favourite nail styles in the comfort of your own home.

Gel nails are one of the more common types of nails people like to get when they pop in to the nail salon just because of all the labour that goes into creating a beautiful set.

For starters, you have to soak your nails in acetone to remove the previous polish, scrape off any excess product and then tend to the nail shape.

After clipping, filing and buffing your nails you then get to apply a base coat, the gel colour and then a final coat to finish.

Each coat requires up to 90 seconds under a gel lamp in order to set and dry each layer properly.

Fortunately, there are several at-home gel nail kits that thankfully provide all the products and tools necessary.

Investing in one of these kits is a sure-fire way to keep your nails looking fresh and save a bucket-load of money that would otherwise be spent every few weeks at the nail salon.

Not to mention doing your nails every few weeks could turn into some sort of therapeutic escape during these trying times.

The Opallac Gel Polish Kit is one example of an at-home kit that comes with an assortment of goodies to get you well on your way to having gorgeous salon-standard nails that will last for up to 2 weeks.

Opallac gel polish kit flat-lay spread
Opallac Gel Polish Set.

The kit comes with your very own 7watt LED nail lamp, a base coat and a top coat, as well as a selection of 3 gel nail polishes, a filing stick, a buffer block, a soaking solution and nail remover wraps for when you eventually decide to change things up again.

There are easy-to-follow instructions on gel polish removal as well as application so first-timers will feel like professionals in no time.

In my experience of using this kit I found that after three rounds of doing my nails I had to purchase my own acetone polish remover as it ran out quite quickly.

I’m the type of person who never strays away from a classic red, but for someone who enjoys changing up their nail colours often, it may be worth purchasing other gel polishes online outside of the three colour choices provided by the kit.

RRP $99.00


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