Beat Body- Is This The New F45?

 It is fast becoming one of the trendiest places to work out. And the concept is quick, easy addictive, effective and fun. Like F45 is all over in 45 minutes.

A slick little studio called Beat Body in Darlinghurst is being tagged as the new F45

Established by Tom Sproats, the guy behind Scenic Cycle, its has only been open 3 months, and the focus is on the music, making the time fly by. 

There are 10 songs per class, and with every new song, the fitness routine changes too.  It’s a full body workout using cardio and strength.

Bondi Beauty Founder Renae Leith-Manos at Beat Box.

The concept is three-fold, with either Boxing as a focus, Beat ( a combination of cardio and weights exercises) or Breathe – where you stretch and breath to candles and soft music.

Each class is designed around 4 different pieces of cardio equipment, and either weights exercises or boxing – or just breathing and stretching. Sometimes a run around the block is even thrown in to mix things up.

Beat Body is a modern studio that feels more club – its dark but lit up with floor and wall signs and bright lights, and branded clothing and drink bottles are available to purchase.

Bondi Beauty Founder Renae had this to say about it: “I love the fact Beat Body is music focussed, and the weights exercises are not likely to cause injuries as they are more straight forward than I’ve seen at other, similar fitness destinations.

“It’s great to turn up at 6am not knowing what the class will be.” There is currently an amazing offer of $40 for 2 weeks.  Read more here: 

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Renae Leith-Manos

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