Unveiling Sydney’s Movie Magic: Exploring Locations in Anyone But You

Will Gluck’s Australian film Anyone But You (2023) has captivated audiences with its romantic escapades set against the backdrop of Sydney’s iconic landmarks.

Featuring Sydney Sweeney, seen in ‘Euphoria’ and new release ‘Madame Web’, alongside Glen Powell, known for his roles in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and ‘Scream Queens’. Anyone But you is a narrative that unfolds around protagonists Bea and Ben, forced to travel together to Australia for a wedding.

Despite their mutual animosity, they come to the realization that perhaps they would benefit from aligning as allies, and masquerade as a couple. 

Here’s how you can explore the corners of Sydney featured in this 2024 Comedy of the year nominee Anyone But You and create your own unforgettable moments.

Palm Beach

Featured in Anyone But You: Carol and Rodger’s family home

Palm Beach House in Anyone But You

For upscale beachside living, Sydney-style, Palm Beach has it all. This picturesque suburb offers a serene escape just over an hour from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Wake up to glorious crystal-clear water with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Setting the stage for a perfect day of exploration and fun, Palm Beach is home to beautiful restaurants and cafes as well as million-dollar seaside mansions. Sunbathe on the picturesque white sand at Palm or Whale beach and join Manly Surf School for some lessons on the perfectly sculpted waves.

Not up for a beach day? Spoil yourself with some cocktails on the cliff-facing restaurants. Visit Jonah’s on Whale Beach for excellent waterfront dining and renowned seafood.

Or, head a little further down and visit The Newport, for a beach club ambience with outdoor dining and a selection of wines and beers with live music on Sundays.

Hiking Adventures 

Featured in Anyone But You: Family Hike 

Hike In Anyone But You

Prepare your backpack and tie your sneakers for a journey along the scenic route to the Palm Beach lighthouse. Spanning 3.5 kilometres return, this hike promises unforgettable encounters with breathtaking views with diverse flora and fauna of the region.

Upon your return, indulge in a cup of coffee at the quintessential Palm Beach Boat House. Delight in exquisite cuisine and beverages while savouring the Australian coffee and charming surroundings.

Harbour Cruise

Featured in Anyone But You: Claudia and Halle’s Engagement Party

Boat scene in Anyone But You

Experience the beauty of Sydney’s Harbour by taking a cruise. Book with Glass Island Cruises to hire a private charter on a luxury boat or The Sydney Harbour Sunset Dinner Cruise, where you can enjoy a delicious three course meal. 

Sail around the iconic Opera House, under the Harbour bridge all whilst enjoying the city skyline from the water.

Feeling adventurous? Head to The Island; A floating bar in Sydney’s harbour where you can dance the night away whilst watching the sunset. With The Island’s professional crew, guests can be escorted to the venue via their private 48-seat water taxi and courtesy boats.

These are on call for the duration of every function and enable guests to come and go as they please. The Island fuses European beach club culture and 5-star service with an iconic Australian backdrop. Experience moments like Bea and Ben with bubbles and great food, however, maybe avoid falling into the harbour… 

Marc’s Park Bondi 

Featured in Anyone But You: Where Claudia and Halle’s gorgeous wedding takes place.

Wedding at Marc's Park in Anyone But You

Marc’s Park is centred on the cliffs overlooking Bondi Beach, offering one of the best views of the Pacific Ocean.

The walk along the cliff is part of the Bondi to Bronte route, perfect for a morning run or an afternoon stroll offering a peaceful escape from the bustle of Bondi Beach. This is an impeccable place for romance and bliss, just as depicted throughout the wedding scenes of Anyone But You. 

Sydney Opera House

Featured in Anyone But You: When Ben finds Bea people watching

Opera House as seen in Anyone But You

No trip to Sydney is complete without visiting The Opera House. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant arts scene attending a show at this architectural masterpiece. Afterward, take a leisurely stroll around the Opera House forecourt, marvelling at its intricate design and soaking in the electric atmosphere of a warm Sydney night.

While you’re there, why not visit Sydney’s famous botanic gardens to revel in the serene beauty of nature or indulge in the culinary delights of its renowned waterfront eateries. 

Take a Flight

Featured in Anyone But You: Bea and Ben get helicoptered to safety

Helicopter scene in Anyone But You

Whilst securing a rescue plane might be tricky, why not opt for the next best thing? For a taste of indulgence, treat yourself to a fine dining experience at Sydney’s famous Catalina’s in Rose Bay.

Customers are able to book a scenic seaplane flight, offering panoramic views of the city skyline and harbor. Afterward, enjoy a relaxing lunch, indulging in lush cuisine and fine wines as you toast to a day of adventure and romance. Catalina has earned international acclaim for its seamless blend of luxury and authentic Australian dining experience.

Offering panoramic views of Sydney Harbour, Catalina epitomises the essence of Sydney’s eastern suburbs and embodies a chic coastal ambiance. Menus change daily with a focus on fresh, seasonal local produce, and sustainably sourced seafood as a signature. Catalina’s cellar and wine list are also legendary and have won countless awards.

As you immerse yourself in the experiences seen in Anyone But You, you’ll discover that Sydney is more than just a backdrop for a love story—it’s a vibrant and dynamic city waiting to be explored.

So, grab your sunnies, put on some sunscreen, and get ready to embark on your own adventure. Who knows, your Ben or Bea could be just around the corner, or the harbour.

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