Lord Howe Island hosts first official Bad Yogi Retreat



Join Bad Yogi’s Andrew Hampson and Glenn Walmsley for a week of movement, meditation, exploration and adventure in the pristine surrounds of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island.

A Bad Yogi Retreat is all about balance. Blending movement, meditation and mindfulness with a sense of pragamtism and realness.

Created and founded by Andrew Hampson and Glenn Walmsley; who have been best friends for thirty years (and counting), This Bad Yogi Retreat was created to provide a simple and authentic practice of yoga for any type of yogi.

From beginners to a well practiced yogi, there are no spiritual sayings or bravado with Bad Yogi, as each practice is about how deep you want to; or are willing to go for yourself, and no one else.


We believe yoga can change your life, actually we’ve seen it happen. Bad Yogi Retreats is all about bringing our passion for movement to more people and having a damn good time doing it.

Andrew and Glenn have been teaching yoga for nearly 36 years now, and are both firm believers that yoga and meditation can help you feel fearless at 30, sexy at 40, hitting your stride at 50, and active at 60 and beyond.

Bad Yogi founders Andrew Hampson and Glenn Walmsley

Whether yoga is your thing or not, the Bad Yogi Retreat is your ticket to experience the true meaning of balance. Which means a glass of red at the end of the day at this retreat, because life can’t be all about lentils and wheat-grass shots.

Bad Yogi Retreats take you out of the everyday rush of chores, appointments and mobile phones, and gives you the space to re-energise physically and mentally. Get ready to deepen your yoga practice, get you meditation on (trust us, it’s the key) and experience pristine places that are completely unique, all done at your own pace and in a way that is more pragmatic than dogmatic.

With limited mobile and internet reception, the community of 350 residents are very caring, resourceful and innovative in the way they communicate and cope with the challenges of isolation. Transport? With just one car per permanent household, it’s either bicycle or by foot.

Disconnect from the distractions of the daily grind, tune in physically and mentally with twice daily yoga sessions, and take the time to hike, bike, swim and stroll with an incredibly knowledgeable local guide, through unspoiled mountains, endless beaches and the colourful coral reef. Enjoy the space to relax and reenergise with real people, delicious food and a glass of wine or two.

Stunning views at Lord Howe Island

The Bad Yogi Retreat will be running from March 4th to 11th 2018 on Lord Howe Island. And, if you book in December, you will get 10% off your booking.

For more information and to secure your spot visit www.badyogiretreats.com

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