Give Yourself a Post-Detox Holiday



Detox holidays are so on trend and may be just what you need to kick start your new year.

At this time of year, it is hard to get away from a diet high in sugar, fat, caffeine and alcohol, but a detox holiday in January could be the answer.

If you are already planning your post festive season healthy living plan, why not make it a healthy holiday to Bali, Thailand or India.

A New Year detox break at a luxury spa can be life changing.

The detox at Como Shambhala in Bali will allow you to cleanse your body of toxins. A polluted environment and neglected eating habits can decrease the effectiveness of your body’s natural defence system.

The Como Shambhala Estate is a world away from the Western world. The experts here will prescribe exercise, nutrition and daily elimination to improve lymphatic circulation and ensure your organs are in top working order.

There is also a daily schedule of activities that includes yoga, Pilates, white water rafting and rice field treks to help achieve optimal health.

This introduction to detox program is a great starting point if you’re new to detoxification and cleansing. Expect improved health on all levels, including internal balance and increased energy and vitality. Enjoy a range of holistic therapies for cleansing the body, mind and spirit as well as delicious, healthy detox cuisine.

This low intensity program is ideal if you want to combine your detox with other á la carte wellness treatments and therapies, such as yoga, meditation, tai chi and traditional Asian hand and foot massages.


If you have a slow digestive system or metabolism, the detox holiday at Ananda will bring necessary changes that will be easy to transfer into everyday life.

At Ananda, a controlled diet will improve  circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems with the help of natural detox therapies, and nourish the body with delicious healthy cuisine.

Free yourself from negative thoughts and enjoy more fulfillment. The benefits of detoxing can include improved mental clarity, purer skin, better digestion, increased energy and general improvement to the immune system.

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