The Biggest Wedding Trends We’ve Seen So Far This Year

wedding themes and trends for 2022

From marrying between cliffs, live painters, vintage and bohemian themes and bold colours – these are the most popular wedding trends in 2022.

Spring is wedding season. When the weather starts to warm and spring flowers are in bloom, and you begin to see interesting wedding trends and themes pop up on Instagram and Tiktok.

Live Painting – Wedding Day Portraits:

Though hiring a professional wedding photographer like Daniel Neucom is still on trend, many couples are now hiring live painters to capture unique moments of their wedding, and painted wedding portraits of the couple.

This includes live painters, wedding portrait artists and caricaturists.

Not only is this a talking point for guests, but the resulting drawing or painting serves as a keepsake and even doubles as a wedding favour.

Exchanging Vows Suspended at 400 Feet:

The first time we saw this trend was in 2018, when a couple decided to get married suspended at 400 feet above a canyon in Utah over the Moab Desert.

It grabbed the attention of many wedding enthusiasts, and in 2022, this has now become a trend for many wanting to exchange vows a little different to everyone else.

There have been multiple locations around the world, such as Bali, opening with similar concepts where people can opt to get married either suspended in the air, hanging from abseiling ropes dangling off a cliff, or cliff edge cabanas overlooking spectacular ocean views.

Bridal Slippers:

Another big but more subtle trend being seen at weddings, is bridal party getaways. Where the bridal party book themselves into a retreat and celebrate pre-wedding altogether, rather than hosting a traditional buck’s or hen’s night.

This is popular, as guests can relax, enjoy good food and spend quality time together before the big day, rather than partying all night and feeling sick and dealing with next day hangovers.

Part of these weekend bridal party getaways is the concept of matching loungewear, PJS and Bridal Slippers.

Whether you’re searching for a keepsake gift to thank bridal party members, or looking for a comforting touch to wear the morning of your wedding, we love these gorgeous slippers from Monte. 

Choose from velvet, felt, terry towelling, or fluffy Shearling materials. For real bride vibes, our favourites are the white Shearling slippers – which feel like walking on a cloud and exude comforting vibes on a most anticipated day. Looking for an extra special touch? Get them personalised with your initials!

Vintage Wedding Themes:

Vintage is back, with many couples opting for simplicity and style for their weddings which is a mix of old churches, art deco halls and lots of lace, gold and pastel tones.

Bridal couples choose a period someone between 1920 to 1970 and use this to create the theme of their wedding. 

From traditional cakes, champagne towers, classic Rolls Royce vehicles and even fur coats and double-breasted jackets for men. 

Vintage weddings allow for an extraordinary and unique wedding experience, leaving plenty of room for interpretation of the period.

Bohemian Beach Weddings are Back:

Beach weddings are becoming a thing again, where 70s beachside concepts involving restored combi vans are the main mode of transport, and mocktails are served to guests as they wait for the bride and groom to arrive barefoot to the beach to get married. 

Bohemian weddings are also including after parties on the beach with bonfires, live music, and some even opt to create beautiful table settings nestled into the beachside, so guests can watch the sunset as they enjoy food and drink after the happy couple have married.

Weekday Weddings:

The wedding industry experienced a huge backlog of weddings the last 2 years because of the pandemic. 

This meant, many couples opted to have weekday weddings under more intimate settings with smaller guest numbers and more private locations, such as in the backyards of family homes or out at local parks. 

It also meant the rates were cheaper than weekend weddings, especially if you were using a public space or someone else’s home. 

Weekday weddings are now a common trend, as they allow for smaller guest numbers, as most people are unable to attend due to work or other commitments.

Ditching White for Bold Colours:

White is out and colour is in. One trend that has been seen throughout 2022, are the introduction of coloured wedding dresses. From pink, to yellow to moss green. 

Even the décor of flowers and table settings are switching from less traditional coloured themes to more vibrant ones of orange, blue and green.

This includes colour blocking, to bright spring flowers of reds, oranges and yellows and mixed coloured tablecloths where you use one bright colour for the tablecloth and then use an alternative colour for the runner.

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