20 Deep Questions To Ask Your Partner Ft. Flex Mami

Flex Mami's REFLEX card game

Put your relationship to the test with Flex Mami’s self-development and critical thinking game – REFLEX.

Whether you are fresh into the honeymoon phase or years and years into a happy, healthy relationship, it is never a bad idea to take some designated time out and try and get to know your partner a little better.

REFLEX was created by Flex Mami, everyone’s favourite podcast-host, Instagram-baddie and all-round media mogul.

Known for her bold opinions, colourful style and contagious bad-b*tch energy, Flex Mami has blessed us with yet another glorious extension of her mind.


With the help of Flex Mami’s ingenious Reflex card game, we’ve picked out our favourite 20 questions across all available decks.

We believe these specific questions will help encourage enlightening conversations between you and your S.O., leaving your relationship feeling stronger than ever before.

The questions should act as a prompt for you to delve into a what could be a very profound conversation.

These discussions are bound to take you on a few tangents about your own experience, inspire you to figure out what your own beliefs are and even incite a giggle or two.

If your response to a question is as simple one-word or one-sentence answer, try and tackle the question again.

Your answers should deconstruct the questions and address why you agree or disagree, so dive a little deeper and instigate some insightful conversation.

To gain full access to over 100 other juicy questions, you can buy the whole range of REFLEX card packs here

  1. In a relationship, which is more important to you? Shared morals or shared motivations?
  2. What is one thing you wish people would talk more about?
  3. Is a thought without a corresponding action immoral?
  4. When dating, is having a “type” ethical?
  5. What is something that you could realistically do today that would benefit the rest of your life? What’s stopping you?
  6. Would you rather live without orgasms or romance?
  7. What harsh truths do you prefer to ignore?
  8. Do you think your ex would have nice things to say about you?
  9. When’s the first time you truly felt like an adult?
  10. Is your political correctness more motivated by judgement or empathy?
  11. Would you rather waste your time or money?
  12. What stereotype do you completely live up to?
  13. Are you more likely to judge someone by their words or their actions?
  14. Think about a perspective you believe in strongly. Do you believe this view is yours or do you think it was inherited from society?
  15. Do you respect people with views that radically oppose your own?
  16. In relationships, which is more important to you? Same likes or dislikes?
  17. Is the way we give love determined by the way we’ve been loved in the past?
  18. Does everyone have a moral obligation to try and make the world a ‘better place’?
  19. If there was one reason for living, what do you think it is?
  20. What’s a controversial opinion you have that you don’t share with anyone?
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