Daily Habits To Improve Your Memory

To avoid brain fog follow these simple daily habits to improve your memory and overall wellbeing. 

It may sound like a daunting task to resolve your forgetful mind, but a few simple daily habits to improve your memory may be the answer.

Genetics can play a role in how strong someone’s memory is, but this doesn’t mean easy everyday habits can’t have an impact on memory as well. 

Not only do these remedies improve your memory but they can also be beneficial for your wellbeing and lifestyle. 

So, whether you cannot remember yesterday’s meal, or you can vividly remember what happened two weeks ago, these daily habits can enhance short and long term memory and life overall. 

Get the right amount of sleep 

Sleep is essential, and even more critical for memory. Being sleep deprived not only decreases memory, but it affects cognitive performance such as problem-solving, thinking, attention and remembering certain everyday things. 

It is recommended the body needs 7-9 hours of sleep as lack of sleep can also result in an increase in inflammation, heart disease and high blood pressure, and even risks of depression.  

Never underestimate a good night’s sleep. 

Decrease alcohol consumption 

Drinking less alcohol can improve your health in general but is also a main factor for reducing your memory. 

In short, alcohol can hurt a part of the brain called the ‘hippocampus’ which plays a major role in learning and memory. When heavy amounts of alcohol are consumed, hippocampus tissue is damaged and, results in poorer memory in the long run. 

So having less alcohol not only decreases the risk of heart disease and cancer, but also the memory which is a positive of going sober that is often overlooked. 


Adding a bit of exercise everyday can improve memory a lot more than expected for BOTH children and adults. 

Aerobic exercise specifically boosts the size of the hippocampus which improves memory and thinking skills, the opposite of alcohol.

Exercise not only improves physicality but mentally too, including improvement in mood, sleep, anxiety, stress, and in this case memory and other cognitive factors.  

In fact, just 30-60 mins three times to five times a week is what’s needed to create this change. 

Have more cacao 

A fun, but unexpected method of improving your memory is by adding some cacao into your daily consumption.

Cacao is packed with organic compounds which function as antioxidants including polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins – and a lot more. Dark chocolate, in particular, has multiple benefits to the body such as, lowering blood pressure and reduce heart disease risks. 

Now, this doesn’t mean to eat all sorts of chocolates as a lot aren’t healthy nor, to have dark chocolate all the time. It is important to choose dark chocolate with 70% or more cacao to ensure the treat is high in antioxidants that will benefit the brain. 

Czelene Villanueva


Czelene is an aspiring journalist who wants to enter into the field of news, film and television. She loves being with her friends and family and can never resist going out to eat, especially Korean bbq. Czelene has also been lucky enough to travel and has visited multiple countries including Japan, Switzerland and France- Iceland is next on her bucket list as she prefers the freezing cold than the scorching Australian heat.

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