8 Ways to Refresh Your Style for Winter Without Spending a Fortune

These easy and affordable style hacks can ensure you enjoy winter, looking and feeling amazing, and on trend.

Style Hack #1

Wear playful winter accessories:

Adding colour will automatically add freshness to any winter look.

Ditch the boring black scarf for something more exciting, like a Burgundy scarf or an oversized mushroom pink infinity scarf.

So will wearing chunky jewellery. Brands like Moschino, Mejuri and Swarovski have released a stunning chunky range for 2022 fashion looks this season, like oversized rings and earrings.

These accessory add simple changes to your winter look, and will keep you looking modern and trendy.

Style Hack #2

Shop some new boots or sneakers:

You don’t need to spend big to find slick sneakers or some hot coloured boots to refresh your outfit. 

You can even try hitting up your local op shop. When the seasons change op shops are inundated with new fashion staple items people no longer need.

If you have the budget, check out the latest sneaker trends.

Look for something trendy such as the latest black and white sneaker look by Adidas, who collaborated with fashion designer Balenciaga, which suits all colour palettes.

And with boots, this winter steer clear of black and opt for either light grey or camel brown for a fresh new look to your outfit. Brands like Zara have released a fabulous new 2022 range of coloured boots to lift your winter look.

French fashion influencer @basicstouch was also seen shopping in Paris wearing a set of riding style boots in a lovely camel/brown shade.

Style Hack #3

Opt for pastel makeup shades instead of going dark:

Yes, winter is all about shades of grey, and they can look sensational depending on what sort of look you are going for. 

However, you can get lost when your outfit as well as your makeup are all dark.

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Ditch the dark shades and go pastel for a change. And be adventurous with the shades. For example, blue and brown look great together.

Try blue nail and eye shades matched with brown and black outfits to freshen up what could have been a predictable look.

Style Hack #4

Accessorise your hair:

French barrettes, head scarves, scrunchies and headbands are on trend this winter. These types of accessories make doing hair quick, simple and stylish.

Top fashion models like Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski made heads turn with their stunning avatars of this timeless and cult accessory for Fashion Week in New york, along with designers Fendi and Salvatore Ferragamo who also displayed the look in Milan for Fashion Week.

Style Hack #5

Stay away from powder makeup products:

As the heaters switch on, and temperatures in buildings heat up, the skin can dry out.

Apart from increasing your water intake to help hydrate, steer clear of powders in your beauty routine, as they can fall into creases when skin is dry and can make you look dull.

Opt for liquid blushes, highlighters, and soft contours instead, which are creamy and often contain hydrating ingredients like shea butter, designed to hydrate skin.  

The Beauty Light Wand kit by Charlotte Tilbury is a lovely creamy highlighter, which comes with a handy built in applicator brush.

If you must wear a finishing powder and can’t live without out – make sure you carry a makeup setting, hydration spray designed for spritzing on your makeup throughout the day to keep skin nourished and hydrated and prevent from drying out.

Style Hack #6

Invest in a puffer jacket:

There’s nothing more warming when you’re hitting the outdoors in winter, then to rug up in a cosy classic wool jacket. However, investing in a decent puffer jacket is a great way to introduce some colour and trend into your wardrobe.

Puffer jackets come in all lengths too, with some going past your knees. They are also very comfortable to wear when out and about in the cold.

Style Hack #7

Swap light moisturiser for a thicker night cream:

Hydration is key to youthful looking skin. When skin is well nourished, skin looks refreshed and makeup applies better and stays on throughout the day.

Using a thicker cream for both day and night to keep skin from drying out. If you don’t like wearing makeup over thicker face creams, you can swap your foundation for a light concealer which will blend into the skin, leaving it glowing and looking more natural.

Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturising Cream is a rich cream, designed to help replenish dry skin. It uses Beta vulgaris (beet) root extract which naturally hydrates dehydrated skin both short term and long term. Perfect for day and night.

Or, try using a BB tinted moisturiser and up your blush, contour and highlighter game to add tone and colour to the skin, without having to wear any foundation.

Style Hack #8

Avoid wearing all black:

We all love wearing black, and it certainly has its place in fashion. It just might be time to add in some colour to your winter wardrobe and makeup look.

You can either go bold and explore vibrant trending colours, or keep to neutral tones like mustards, Autumn oranges and even yellow – all colours sported across Europe and the US during the latest Fashion Week.

If you’re not confident to go bright in winter, trying exploring more neutral tones other than black, like these 3 fashionistas spotted at the 2022 NYC Fashion Week.
If black is your thing and you can’t live without it, then try freshening up the look with a coloured hat, shoes, or bag to liven up the look.

You don’t need to be a fashionista to add colour, but if you feel nervous, then start small with a coloured scarf, coloured nails or eye shades, and go from there. 

Rebecca Wilkinson

Beauty Editor

Rebecca is a freelance content creator and beauty editor for Bondi Beauty. She is a pescatarian, who may yet become vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel, has a weakness for coffee and is obsessed with cats and yoga. If she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's trying out the latest beauty trend, like massaging crushed pearls into her skin for the ultimate collagen and vitamin boost to skin cells.

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