How Alkaline Water Transformed One Man’s Health Journey

This is how one man’s personal health struggles sparked his discovery of the power of alkalising the body, and the foundation of Australia’s most loved Alkaline water brand.

In late 2006, Garrett Jandegian was planning a life of fame in the sporting industry, heading to college in the US to play baseball and football with the hopes of becoming professional.

When an accident on the field led to his early retirement, these plans changed and Garrett’s health took a turn for the worse.

“Throughout my sporting years and endless injuries that came with it, I had to consume all sorts of pain medications. Eventually, these medications led me to develop stomach ulcers, digestive issues, as well as pretty severe acid reflux which I suffered with for many years. And I really struggled to cope with the viscous cycle of health problems and discomforts that I faced every day,” Garret said.  

When Garrett met his (Australian) wife and she saw how much pain he was experiencing on a daily basis, she insisted that he begin looking into natural therapies. Following this advice, Garret eventually found himself in the waiting room of a well-known acupuncture specialist and Kinesiologist (a specialist in self-healing and using muscle monitoring and alignment to optimise health).

Through his appointments that followed, Garret began to learn new ways of approaching health and some largely unpractised strategies that can be used to help the body function at its best.

A New Approach To Health:

“Along with regular acupuncture sessions and chiropractic work, I was put on a (mostly) alkaline diet, as he believed firmly in the importance of keeping your body in a neutral / balanced alkaline state. This was a whole new world to me,” Garret said.

“I cut out alcohol, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, processed meat, high sugar products, etc, etc and stuck to a mostly clean eating diet. In all honesty, I did (and still do) have my diet cheat days, but I’ll be the first to say that my body lets me know it.”

The immediate benefits of the program had Garrett’s health making leaps and bounds in the right direction. One aspect of his new health plan to which Garrett attested his progress was the consumption of alkaline water.

“I was also told to drink as much alkaline water as possible. I was pretty surprised to realise that slowly and slowly I wasn’t relying on my pain medication (and other medications for my ulcers) as much and then after a few more months I was able to live medication free.”

“It’s amazing how important your gut health is and given my experience, I truly believe everything starts with your gut and what you put in it.  As they say…you are what you eat!”

“This was the first step in helping me with my gut issues along with a holistic approach to my health.”

Creating Aqualove:

A few years after starting his new health journey, focusing on holistic health and alkalising the body. Garrett and his wife decided to start a family. Their kinesiologist asserts the importance of an alkaline diet for fertility.

 “We were both strictly watching what we put in our bodies and sticking to a mostly alkaline and dairy free diet- including drinking alkaline water,” Garrett said.

“The eating part was pretty easy, in terms of accessibility of the food itself; but the issue we faced was finding an alkaline water brand that we liked the taste of and enjoyed drinking,” he said.

While most alkaline waters tend to taste sweeter, ‘smoother’ and less acidic than regular tap water, Garrett found that the options on the market were limited and there was a lack of variety.

“This led myself, AND a colleague of mine (and co-founder of Aqualove), Ricky Herbert to create a high pH water with a great taste profile.  From there, my wife and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ricky and I created Aqualove, and the rest is history!”

Aqulove founders Garrett Jandegian (left) and Ricky Herbert (right).
Image from @aqualovewater

Aqualove was the birth of two big ideas colliding. Tired of building other people’s brands and the health issues experienced by the co-founders, they wanted to create their own healthy beverage and from personal experience knew that Australians needed a healthier water.

Not satisfied with just a great tasting alkaline water, the boys wanted Aqualove to be sustainable and kind to the environment. This led to Aqualove using BioSphere bottles and caps that biodegrade in just five years, as opposed to other bottles which can take a hundred years or longer.

Aqualove has now launched their Functional Range of alkaline waters infused with additional nourishing vitamins and natural health boosters.

The Benefits of Alkaline Water:

The benefits of alkaline water are backed up by a lot more than Garrett’s personal story.

One of Sydney’s most respected Kinesiologists and chiropractors, Dr Peter Bablis, is one of many firm believers in the benefits of drinking alkaline water. He listed these as alkaline water’s primary health benefits:

  • Optimal hydration
  • High ph 9-10
  • Neutralising acid in the body
  • Increasing oxygen levels and improving energy and metabolism
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Promoting better overall health

Aqualove’s new antioxidant alkaline water adds to these benefits, with the addition of Vitamin D (which aids bone and tooth health, brain function, and the immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems) Vitamin E (which helps with immunity, skin and hair health, and eye health) and Selenium (a powerful antioxidant which assists with heart health, brain health, and the immune system).

Images from @aqualovewater

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