8 Stylish Reusable Fashionable Face Masks To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

7 reusable face masks by Lirika Matoshi

The best face masks to match your wardrobe, that look and feel fab.

As attempts to contain coronavirus outbreaks continue, face masks are being recommended as a way to help contain the pandemic. 

Disposable masks are one option, but the single use blue masks aren’t exactly fashion or eco-friendly.

Wearing reusable masks is a recommended solution to reduce virus community transmission without compromising your outfit or the environment. Masks are designed to be well fitting to prevent air from exiting the mask after being breathed out whilst filtering air from the environment. For the latest government information, visit this website.  

With many stockists selling out of reusable masks, it can be hard to find a suitable and stylish mask in stock.

Many designers have leapt at the chance to create this in-demand item, and all kinds of masks are now available.

Here are some stylish reusable masks in Australia:

Made with organic linen, Sara Sidari stocks triple layered cotton masks with delicate illustrative designs. These masks also have elastic side strings and can be bought in a pack of three.

Price: $32 per mask

Sara sidari face masks

Uncommon Goods has a range of masks from different brands. They also offer packs of mask, so multiple masks can EASILY be ordered at once (easily). There are many different styles of masks with varying patterns, features and shapes.

Price: $20+ per mask

uncommon goods reusable face masks

Lele Sadoughi  stocks gorgeous adjustable masks with varying designs. Some have illustrated designs, some layered with patterned fabric. They are available in sets, some with additional accessories like headbands.

Price: $59 for three masks

Lele Sadoughi reusable face masks

Creators of the viral strawberry dressLirika Matoshi have created a range of delicate and stylish masks. These masks are adjustable and feature long tie strings that add a dramatic yet fashionable element to your element. These amazing masks are designed to match the dresses made by Lirika Matoshi, so these masks really do elevate an outfit. 

Price: $50 per mask

Lirika Matoshi reusable face mask and strawberry dress

Melbourne made SisterWorks makes masks for different activities. Masks are available in different colours, patterns and sizes. Sports designed masks are lighter and more breathable that are also adjustable. These masks are all still triple layered so they remain effective.

Price: $16-20 per mask

sister works reusable face mask made for exercise

Clear Collective has a huge range of masks with varying colours, patterns, features and sizes. 

Masks with valves are available to help reduce condensation around the face, which is caused be breathing into the mask. This valve increases comfort, reduces fogging on glasses and may reduce chance of virus transmission. They also sell adjustable face masks that can be adjusted to give a better fit.

Price: $50+ per mask

pink clear collective reusable face mask with valve

For more arty designs, shop at SavingFace.Co, which has very cute patterned masks. The masks are hypoallergic, sustainably made, antibacterial, heat regulating and adjustable around the nose.

Price: $28-32 per mask

reusable face mask from saving face

Revolve Clothing has cotton face masks made by Cotton Citizen in the USA. They offer a large variety of colours, materials and styles that are adjustable around the nose. 

Price: $42 per mask

reusable face mask from revolve with bee pattern
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