Why Pilates Is Having Its Moment In Fitness Right Now

the benefits of a pilates class

Pilates is hot right now and having its moment in the sun in fitness right now.

Pilates is a form of exercise that’s been around for over a century, and its popularity has been on the rise in recent years.  It is having a big moment in the fitness world, globally for women right now.

It’s a great exercise option to help improve overall health and wellness, with a focus on core strength, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness, which can provide numerous physical and mental benefits.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, improve posture, or prevent or recover from any injuries, Pilates can be a valuable addition to your fitness routine.

And with new reformer pilates studios popping up everywhere, it’s also a great environment to workout with friends and family, and even to make new friends as well.

Melbourne-based Pilates instructor Dina, and owner of the Strong Pilates in Alexandria has practiced Pilates for more then 12 years, and has helped many people of many ages to recover from sports injuries, other injuries, build general strength and improve overall health of the body.

Her newly launched Alexandria-based Strong studio is the first studio to use the new Rowformer beds, combining pilates and other strength forming exercising like rowing into the 45-minute strong routine.

From their dedicated trainers to the lighting and music – every element has been carefully designed to deliver a fabulous workout routine. and at the end of each class, you are handed a cold Eucalyptus soaked towel delivered right to you and your Rowformer, to refresh your body and mind afterwards.

Reformer Pilates is having its moment right now globally. Strong Pilates uses the new Rowformer bed for their 45-minute workouts.

The low-impact workout focuses on core strength, flexibility, and balance. It offers numerous benefits, both physical and mental. 

Part 1: Strengthening the Core

One of the main and most obvious benefits of Pilates is its ability to strengthen the core muscles.  These are so important to so many aspects of our body.

Pilates exercises are designed to work the deep abdominal muscles, which can help improve posture, balance, and stability. A strong core also reduces the risk of back pain and injury and improves overall appearance quickly.

Part 2: Improving Flexibility

Pilates is known for its ability to increase flexibility, particularly in the spine and hips. The exercises focus on elongating the muscles and improving range of motion. This increased flexibility can also lead to better posture and reduced muscle tension.

Part 3: Enhancing Balance and Coordination

Pilates exercises incorporate movements that challenge balance and coordination, which can help improve these skills over time.

This can be especially beneficial for older adults, as it reduces the risk of falls and improves overall mobility so why not ask your mum to join you for a class? A great bonding exercise, and something that is super healthy.

Pilates can also be done on a mat without the need for a reformer.

Part 4: Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Pilates is also known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

A bit like yoga, the intense and ongoing focus on breathing and mindfulness during the practice can promote relaxation and a sense of calm.

Regular Pilates practice has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol and improve overall mood.

Part 5: Preventing Injuries

Pilates exercises are low-impact and can be modified for various fitness levels and injuries.

This makes it a great option if recovering from an injury or looking to prevent one.

Pilates can also improve overall muscle and joint health, reducing the risk of future injuries.

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