How to Get Motivated with Your Fitness Routine in 2021

How to Get Motivated with Your Fitness Routine in 2021

Need a little help to get back on your fitness routine in 2021? Ben Lucas from Flow Athletic explains;

There is no doubt 2020 saw the health and fitness routines of many being thrown out the window in favour of “Netflix and chill” (or Stan, Prime, Binge and the millions of options that launched just in time for the “year that was”). 

2021 is as good a time as any to start fresh and kick your wellness routine off with a bang. 

Here are some tips for getting motivated and ready to go again.

Make a plan and stick to it: 

Just like you would stick to any meeting in your calendar, the same should be said for your health and fitness.

After all you have one body so you should make the effort to take care of it.

In order to start forming good habits again, book your workouts in advance, mark them in your calendar and stick to them.

By following through with this process you already have your plan of attack in your head for the week so it will make it easier for you to stick to it until it eventually becomes a habit again. 

Make your workouts convenient:

The best way to stick to your workout routine is to make it as convenient as possible to do.

If you are someone who likes to head to work early to beat the traffic, try signing up to a studio near work. If you like to be near your house so you can come home and shower, make that decision consciously.

If you are unlikely to go to the studio or gym, sign up for online classes.

The key to consistency is making it as convenient as possible for you to follow through with.

Don’t sign up to something just because it is trendy if it is out of the way and you won’t go.  

Sign up to something you will enjoy:

There is a big difference between not liking something because it hurts (when you are first starting out especially) and not liking something because you simply don’t like it.

If your issue with your workout is the latter, then honestly, try something else.

You don’t have to like running, or swimming, or weight lifting.

If you don’t like it, try HIIT, Barre or yoga. There are so many different ways to workout so make sure you find something that will be motivating enough to keep up. 

Sign up to an event:

A great way to stay motivated is to sign up to an event, be it a running event (which will hopefully be on again in 2021), a triathlon, an obstacle course or even a group sport like netball or AFL.

Having something to train for, especially with other people involved is a great way of keeping yourself on track and motivated as you have a date that you must be ready by. 

Try something new:

One big problem with fitness is that is that some people truly view it as a punishment and something that you do if you eat too much or put on weight.

It should be fun and something that you look forward to as much as it is good for you.

This year, try a workout you have never tried before be it Afro Step, Boxing or an experience like Flow After Dark.

Having a change of environment when exercising is a great way to change your mindset and boost your motivation to workout. 

It’s not just about exercise:

Wellness is an all over exercise in itself. In addition to fitness, it is also your mind, what you eat, who you hang out with and what you read.

Having a holistic approach to your wellness is often the most sustainable approach. So think about where you are balanced and where you are out of balance.

Are you often stressed? Should you try meditation and journalling? Do you often not feel well? Is it time you looked at your diet and sleep patterns.

Every few months it is a good idea to do a holistic self-check. See how you are feeling, what you need to change, if you feel out of balance in anyway figure out how you can move that back into alignment.

This is an especially beneficial way to round off the year, heading into 2021 with a clean slate. 

Written by Ben Lucas – director of Flow Athletic

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