APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Your new health hack


Apple Cider Vinegar, is it the key to a healthier heart, weight loss, and glowing skin and hair?


You have probably seen apple cider vinegar for sale in your local supermarket, as it has been used as a salad dressing for years. It has been talked about in the media as many celebrities such as Miranda Kerr have been known to start their day off by drinking it.

Apple cider vinegar, fermentation of apples
Apple cider vinegar is made from the fermentation of apples taking between three and six weeks.

The type of apple cider vinegar most commonly consumed is the unfiltered kind containing what is known as ‘the mother’.

This is the active ingredient which contains all the goodies (such as proteins, enzymes and bacteria) that makes this the ultimate life remedy.

1-2 tablespoons of this a day diluted in some water will create an enmormous health impacts.

Apple cider vinegar drink
The mother looks like a blob of murky liquid, which can be quite intimidating but is the most important part of the vinegar.



Apple cider vinegar helps with portion control.
Apple cider vinegar helps with portion control.

Apple cider vinegar has also been found to reduce appetite which helps with portion control, ultimately helping weight loss.

Studies done by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, have suggested that the intake of apple cider vinegar helps people to feel fuller attributing to better portion sizes and overall when in participating with a healthy diet and exercise it aids with weight loss.  

Jennifer Aniston attributes it to aiding her throughout her weight maintenance journey throughout her life.


Skin and hair dermatologist Dr Mamelak, supports the use of apple cider vinegar topically for your skin and hair, as it removes oil and bacteria that could cause acne. He also believes that it could be used to help reduce dandruff.

Disclaimer: before applying to the scalp it is always important to do a patch test like you would with any other product.


Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits such as lowering blood sugar, lowering cholestrol and bacteria fighting properties.
Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits such as lowering blood sugar, lowering cholestrol and bacteria fighting properties.

Dr Michael Mosley from BBC’s ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’ and Dr James Brown from Ashton University completed an experiment over 8 weeks showing a daily intake of apple cider vinegar reduces your blood sugar.

The results showed that apple cider vinegar, had a significant impact on the 27 people studied, reducing blood sugar by 36% over 90 minutes after it was consumed with food.

This is because apple cider vinegar improves our sensitivity to insulin allowing the body to release sugars into the blood at a slower pace.

Therefore in conclusion, it may be used as a preventative and complementary therapy, for those developing type 2 diabetes, whilst incorporated with a healthy balanced diet.

It is also suggested, for an even more effective result to take the apple cider vinegar just before bed, so it can work it’s magic whilst you sleep.


Only recently has it been linked to a result in lowering cholesterol. Like many other alternative therapies, to date there has not been much scientific research and testing completed.

When conducting another apple cider vinegar experiment Dr Michael Mosley and Dr James Brown found that over 8 weeks the participant’s of the experiment showed a 13% decrease in their cholesterol levels.

Therefore, imagine what it effects it could have if taken long term.

It has been recommended to take it around meal times when aiming to reduce cholesterol.   4


Scientist’s are looking to be develop apple cider vinegar into a new age penicillin by utilising it’s bacteria fighting properties.

As apple cider vinegar is an acetic acid, this means that it is an effective disinfectant with the ability to kill harmful bacteria. Therefore when it is diluted and applied to a surface it becomes a great natural household cleaning product.

Such bacteria fighting properties may be why celebrity Katy Perry claims that incorporating apple cider vinegar throughout her life has prevented any serious illnesses.


The science behind apple cider vinegar. How does it all work?
The science behind apple cider vinegar. How does it all work?

It contains strains of good bacteria, called probiotics which help keep your gut happy as it aids the digestive system to move regularly. The probiotics also help with your keeping your immune system strong and healthy.

The enzymes within ‘the mother’ also help with the breaking down of food making it an easier digestive process on your body, ultimately creating more energy.

The active ingredients in apple cider vinegar is no new discovery, as it has been used as an alternative therapy for thousands of years.  Vinegar has been used by the ancient greeks as a cold cure, a disinfectant by the 14th Century Italians and mixed with water as a refreshing drink for Roman soldiers.

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