My favourite winter skincare items (that don’t cost a bomb).



It’s important to refresh your beauty cabinet when the weather changes, and given the amount I (usually) travel, I have some tried & tested products I change with the weather.

But which products should you spend your money on? Post Corona, we are all more conscious of value for money and I’ve never believed it’s necessary to spend a fortune on every single item.

This winter, I am choosing to invest in my cleanser and my hair conditioner, and using fantastic mid-priced and affordable products for the rest of my winter skin care.

Youth To The People Gel Cleanser $55.80

Cleansing Gel For Cold Winter Mornings: In cold weather, I love a thick cleanser to remove make-up. It feels warm, rich and smooths my skin. This one by Youth To The People is certified vegan, and comes in a glass bottle with a pump which I also like when I’m at home ( too hard to travel with). The fragrance is not overpowering, but clean and fresh. The best thing is it really cleanses my skin, and comes from sunny California which makes me feel good.

Frank Coconut Body Scrub: $18.95

Frank Body Coconut Scrub to spice up your morning shower: This original coffee body scrub from Melbourne based Frank Body has coconut added which just brings a hint of summer into any freezing cold winter morning. I can only use this the day before my shower is cleaned as it does make a mess, but it really exfoliates my skin and leaves it feeling fresh. I also love the smell of coffee on my skin and in the shower of a morning. It wakes me up.

If I have any type of skin rash, this calms it right down and although it is not reccomended to use on the face, I find used once a week, it leaves my skin super soft.

green coffee bag with coocnut and cofee body scruv
Frank Coconut Coffee Body Scrub is a winter favourite

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA $12.90

The best moisturiser to slather on and let it do its magic: This oil free, silicon free, alcohol free, vegan, cruelty free moisturiser is the best value for money product. It is so easy and refreshing to use. It gives skin a glow and an oil-free moisture which is light-weight but doesn’t build up during the day. Glides on, smooths skin, and no fragrance.

La Roche-Posay Toleraine Ultra Night Face Moisturiser $30.00

Gorgeous textured night cream and not too heavy: La Roche-Posay makes gorgeous affordable skincare, and most of it is in packaging that is super easy to travel with. This one contains shea butter, and antioxidants and has the perfect texture for night – not too thick or thin. Great for sensitive skin too.

Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask:$31.95

Clay Face Mask to refresh the dullest skin in minutes: Clay masks work wonders on my skin, and truth is you don’t need to spend a fortune on any brand of clay mask. They’re all good, natural and vegan and help close the pores and tighten and refresh the skin. This one from New Zealand natral beauty brand Trilogy is my instant go-to if I wake up with a cold or have to present in public that day, as they dry fast and work instantly to pick me up.

Minetan Blue Black 1 Hour Self Tan Foam; Express Tan $29.99

Brilliant fast, natural tan that’s easy to apply: People who say there is no point wearing self-tan in winter obviously have no mirrors in their house or no-one to get intimate with. Everyone looks better with a tan, and this fabulous product goes on super dark (almost blue), but don’t panic! This makes it easy to apply and ensure you don’t miss any body bits. It is unscented, streak free and comes out a lovely natural colour after just one hour.

Kerastase Masque Hydra Apaisant $66.00

The hair mask to beat them all: Kerastase is the Big Gun of Hair Masks, and winter is the best time to really moisturise your hair and get it in tip top shape. This mask is great for a sensitive scalp, and is super hydrating. Indoor heating really dries out the hair, so washing hair less (try once or twice a week) and putting a rich mask on like this one after every wash is a great strategy for smooth, strong hair. And you don’t need much.

Sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion: $9.99

There is nothing worse than itchy skin in winter, and this body lotion is the best way to prevent it. It actually supports the acid mantle of the skin due to it PH level of 5.5. What this means is it calms the skin down, and there is no greasy residue. This value for money product is a must for me every winter.

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