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How do you keep up your exercise levels when you don’t want to set foot out the front door?


There are so many yoga channels that allow you to do a class at any time of day.

 YouTube has more yoga than ever, so there’s no excuse for not keeping fit this winter.

Here are some of our favourites;

1) Ekhart Yoga
The Ekhart Yoga channel has over 500 yoga videos with exercises focusing on strength building, increased flexibility, and introductory videos for beginners. There are classes for everyone as they feature videos for all skill levels. The sheer number of videos can be a little overwhelming; but rest assured that you will find videos that cater to you and your Yoga goals.

2) YogaVidyaEnglish
The YogaVidya channel focuses on explaining specific poses as well as including a number of full-length classes. This channel is great for people who have some experience in Yoga and are looking for new poses to try and wanting to improve their form.
Yoga as a practice is about more than just performing a series of exercises for physical benefit. It’s about body awareness and breathing, learning to focus on yourself as you do exercise. Repeating and perfecting poses is the best way to do this and the walkthrough’s on this channel will really help you make the most of your Yoga practice.

3) YogaToday
YogaToday is another channel that focuses on specific poses. This channel is a little more advanced and we wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, but for those of you looking for a challenge you’ll find a lot of great poses to work into your routines here. (Note: this channel also advertises full-length classes on their website for a subscription fee).
4) Yoga with Adrienne
This is one of our all-time favourite Yoga Channels. There are lots of 20-40 minutes classes as well as pose-specific videos and all of them are easy to follow and well-labelled. It’s easy to find something to fit your specific needs here, whether it is relaxation, weight loss, or even something to do at your desk at work! If you only check out one of the channels we’ve discussed here, it should be this one. Adrienne herself is fun and personable, so these videos make it feel as though you’re participating in a real class.

5) Yoga Test Run:
Get in some sneaky, simple Yoga while sitting at your desk at work. Feel revitalised and ready to keep going with your day!


*Please be aware practicing yoga alone is not the same as practising in a class, you will not a have a teacher to tell you when you are doing something wrong. So start easy and slow, make sure you don’t push yourself, and pay attention to what your body is telling you. If something is hurting, stop and reassess. Be especially careful if you have any injuries. If you’re not sure, please attend a professionally run class or speak to a medical professional.

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