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The Best Haircare Products for Summer

Protect your hair from the summer heat, with these hydrating hair care products for damaged summer hair Swimming, sun-baking and walks in the sun, ahh the perks of summer once winter is over. And where you may remember to wear sunscreen to protect your skin and drink lots of water to stay hydrated in summer, […]

Should You Change Your Haircare Products for Winter?

Why you need to change your shampoo and conditioner in winter to protect your hair from the cold. In short, you should change your products! You should always change your haircare products when the seasons change. As it’s important to protect your hair with the right ingredients against the different types of elements the hair […]

Natural Beauty: DIY Balinese Inspired Hair Rinse

Add shine and lustre to the scalp surrounded by uplifting and stimulating aromatic awareness with this beautiful all natural DIY hair rinse. Whether you use essential oils to create a relaxing bath at the end of a long day, in the shower as a morning wake up call, to reduce symptoms of a cold, or […]

A Hair Care Revolution: Pantene’s Micellar Shampoo

Pantene has launched a ground-breaking new range of haircare products using micellar. We’ve all heard about micellar water for skin, but Pantene has just revolutionised the hair-care world by releasing a range of micellar shampoos and conditioners. Bondi Beauty has trialled and reviewed the ground-breaking products. But first, what exactly is micellar, and what makes […]

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