How To Create A Sustainable Life in Bondi

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Whether you live in Bondi or go for a few days a year, there are ways to create a sustainable life or way of life in Bondi.

Bondi is a beautiful beachside suburb, and as well as being home to some of Australia’s most beautiful people, it is also a popular tourist destination.

It has with over 20 million visitors each year, and has a significant impact on the Sydney and local environment.

People in Bondi whether visiting or living there are in a position to make a real difference to the sustainability within the area.

By making small changes, they can help to reduce their impact on the environment and protect the natural beauty of Bondi for future generations and create a sustainable life for everyone around them.

Bondi pool
There are simple steps to create a sustainable way of life in Bondi.

7 Ways To Create A Sustainable Life in Bondi.

  1. Reduce reliance on single-use plastics. Single-use plastics are a major global, environmental problem. They take hundreds of years to break down, and they can end up in our oceans, where they harm marine life.

Bringing reusable bags when shopping, using a reusable water bottle, and refusing straws when ordering drinks at Neighbourhood, Hardware or your favourite bar helps. Buying products that are packaged in recyclable or compostable materials is always a great idea when creating a sustainable life.

  1. Compost food scraps. Food scraps make up a significant portion of the waste that is sent to landfill globally. When food scraps decompose in landfill, they release methane, a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Food scraps can be composted by setting up a worm farm or a bokashi bucket at home or of that’s not possible, food scraps to a local community garden or composting facility rather than thrown in the bin.

  1. Choose sustainable transport. Cars are a major source of pollution globally. By choosing sustainable transportation options, like buses or trains, the impact on the environment is reduced. .
Bondi’s natural beauty lends itself to thoughts of health, beauty products, fitness and sustainability.

Some other sustainable transportation options Bondi include walking, biking, and carpooling. Electric vehicles or ride-sharing services are also something to think about.

  1. Support sustainable businesses. When sustainable businesses are supported, we are helping to create a more sustainable future for the area be it Bondi or anywhere else. There are many sustainable businesses in Bondi, including cafes, restaurants, shops, and service providers.

The way to support sustainable businesses is by shopping at their stores, eating at their restaurants, and using their services. They can also recommend sustainable businesses to their friends and family.

  1. Get involved in environmental activism. There are many environmental organisations in Bondi that are working to protect the environment. Volunteering for an organisation, attending protests, or donating to environmental causes are all ways to get involved and create a sustainable life in Bondi.
  2. Education in relation to sustainability. The more people who know about sustainability, the more they can all do to make a difference. There are many resources available to help anyone learn about sustainability, including books, websites, and courses. Educate yourself so you know how to help.
  3. Be a role model for others. By making daily, sustainable choices, anyone in Bondi can inspire others to do the same. They can talk to their friends and family about sustainability, and they can set a good example by living a sustainable lifestyle.
Bondi Beach is iconic, but it needs to be protected with sustainable living.
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