A new way to clean your face.



Is this product the ultimate treadmill for your face?

Foreo facial cleansers come with a motorised function to get into pores and really clean skin.


It gives you a thorough workout without leaving home, but unlike your treadmill, there’s no sweat, just clean, clear skin.

Clean, clear skin is as important in cooler weather as in summer, and  a new motorised silicone facial cleanser promises to take the stress out of the process.

Small enough to fit into your gym bag, the Foreo beauty device lightly pulses the skin giving it a gentle but firm massage, and cleaning pores at the same time.

Perfectly safe to use with your favourite cleanser and water, it also claims to lessen the appearance of fine lines due to the massaging and gentle stimulating effect.

It certainly feels great on the skin, and is a pleasure to use twice a day due to the massaging effect.

This Swedish product comes in a range of colours and textures for different skin types, and  promises the gentlest most thorough clean your face has ever had.

And they even make one for men too.


Foreo has a soft silicone coating which is gentle on the skin.

How often do you cleanse your face?


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