Products to Instantly Luminise Your Summer Glow

Glowing skin always looks better with the addition of shimmer. Here are the top products to luminise your glow.

Every season new beauty trends emerge and every year without fail there is always a trend relating to glowing skin. These trends include glass skin, dolphin skin and glowing skin in general. Whether you love it or hate it glowing skin will always be on trend one way or another. These products are our top picks to leave your body glowing in every which way by using products that luminise your summer glow.

Trinny London Sheer Shimmer (RRP $40.00)

Image of Trinny London product

This product is a multipurpose star. Not only does it provide colour and hydration to the lip it can also be added to the cheek to create a perfect blushing look. This product is the perfect pick me up for those no-makeup days, not to mention the perfect size to keep in your bag. It melts into your skin to give you the perfect dewy glow. 

Tanologist Dark Self Tan Drops Dark (RRP $20.00)

Image of Tanologist Dark Tanning Drops

These tanning drops make it so easy to turn any moisture into a custom self-tanner. Not only are these drops non-comedogenic meaning they won’t clog your pores they also have ingredients in them to leave you hydrated such as pink grapefruit, goji berry and juniper. Depending on how many drops you use changes the level of tan making it easy to get the perfect level of glow, relative to your skin tone. 

Boracay Skin Gold Shimmering Body Oil (RRP $38.95)

Image of Boracay Skin gold shimmering body oil

This shimmering body oil is filled with hydrating oils like coconut, grape-seed and olive oil. These oils not only leave you glowing but also soften your skin. The natural minerals Iii this product give your skin a luminous sheen making it the perfect all-over body highlighter. Whether you’re looking for an oil to hydrate your skin or enhance your tan, this body oil is the way to go.

Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Illuminating Drops (RRP $45.00)

Lit From within illuminating drops image

These illuminating drops will leave you glowing all day long while blurring imperfections. They can be mixed in with your skincare products or foundation or even used on their own. Not only does it melt perfectly into your skin it also has a dewy finish leaving you with a natural-looking glow. These are definitely an essential to have on standby when you feel like your skin needs a little extra glow.

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