Beauty Brands Saving The World By Recycling

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If it hasn’t been repeatedly drummed into your ears already, one-use plastic is destroying our environment.

Cosmetic companies worldwide are being forced to re-think their packaging and sales strategies in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills. 

Movements like circular beauty and waterless beauty have each taken primitive steps to help lessen the amount of unnecessary waste that is produced by cosmetic companies.

Whether it be through recycling bottles, ridding of packaging altogether or creating products without water to aid in water conservation.

Here are some of our favourite cosmetic companies that are leading the fight against the unnecessary use of plastic in beauty.

Le Labo

High-end fragrance brand Le Labo offer an eco-friendly refill discount for customers who bring back their empty perfume bottles in-store in Bondi.

Not only are you able to recycle your beautiful old perfume bottles, but you also receive a 20% discount off the original price for your ecological efforts.

This gorgeous boutique brand isn’t  well-known for discounting any of their products so make sure you take advantage of this recycling scheme

The Le Labo team are working on making this arrangement available at all their stores worldwide so head down to your closest shop and find out whether they too are partaking in this refillable fragrance system.


Garnier have partnered up with TerraCycle to help eliminate unnecessary package wastage in their products.

As of 2019, Garnier have diverted over 11 million empty bottles from landfills.


Through school campaigns and a new coast-to-court sustainability initiative Garnier have taken their customers old recyclable shampoo and conditioner bottles and turn them into kid’s playgrounds and “green” tennis court nets, just in time for the Australian Open 2020.

Female model sitting down in front of tennis court net, surrounded by tennis balls.
Keep your beauty routine green

Garnier AU Marketing Manager states, “Garnier is committed to sustainable sourcing and reducing our environmental footprint to support our future generations.”  


Kiehl’s are renowned for their wonderfully low-cost, high-quality pharmacy products.

The Kiehl’s recycle-and-be-rewarded program allows customers to bring back empty full-size products to be recycled with TerraCycle.

For each individual product brought back, you receive one stamp.

Once you collect 10 stamps, and don’t worry they add up quickly, you receive a completely free travel-size Kiehl’s product.

This is the perfect way to test out any new products and stock up on travel cosmetic essentials and better yet, you are saving the environment along the way.

You are able to redeem one reward per month, meaning you could get up to 12 free amazing products a year.

In collaboration with TerraCycle, Kiehl’s has also come up with another recycling scheme that gets you free products even quicker.

Kiehl's Recycling Initiative Visual Diagram

Sounds like a sweet deal to us.


M.A.C have introduced their Back to M.A.C recycling program that ensures customers can recycle any empty lipstick tubes, eye shadow pots or foundation bottles.

For MAC to be focusing on stopped the plastic pollution crisis speaks volumes about the gravity of this environmental issue.

The beauty industry alone generates an undeniably large contribution to plastic waste and it’s about time that all cosmetic companies take responsibility for this and act accordingly.

With M.A.C’s brilliant recycling scheme, when customers return 6 empty M.A.C containers in-store or via mail, they receive a free M.A.C product valued up to $17.


LUSH have an unmatched reputation in the cosmetics industry as a cruelty-free company that promotes ethical solutions to selling and producing cosmetic products. 

They are currently working towards 100% sales of naked products – meaning no plastic packaging.

In the meantime, however, LUSH is using their iconic recyclable black tubs made of polypropylene plastic, a combination of purchased recycled plastic and recycled black pot material, to encourage customers to bring back their pots to avoid a one-use plastic situation.

LUSH black pot surrounded by aloe vera leaves.
Do your part to save the planet.

Their 5 Pot Program ensures that for every 5 black tubs you bring in, you get a free face mask to take home.

Alongside this, earlier this year, LUSH released a plastic-free shower range that is paving the way for an uprising of naked beauty everywhere.

With zero packaging, this range is changing the game and fulfilling every eco-warriors’ wildest dreams.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop are also fighting against global plastic pollution through their own recycling scheme.

With an in-store recycling box, customers can rid of their empty bottle, tub, pot and tube products.

In each store, when the recycling bin is full, The Body Shop’s recycling partner TerraCycle, repurposes the plastic to create brand new objects such as park benches and even children’s playgrounds.

This return, recycle and repeat system also comes with rewards for doing your part to conserve the environment.

Love Your Body Club members will receive a free product worth $5 every time they recycle up to 5 empty products as if saving the planet isn’t already incentive enough.

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