How To Choose The Right Mascara That Works For You

how to choose the right mascara

Mascara is one of those frustrating beauty products that can be hit and miss.

Mascara comes in countless combinations of colours, formulas, applicators, and features. 

This makes it challenging to select a mascara that suits your specific style and taste. For some, it becomes a choice overload when confronted with an overwhelming variety of options. 

Additionally, cosmetic products can be pricey, and it’s frustrating to spend money on a product that isn’t right for you.

The quest for your perfect mascara which you love and fits your budget doesn’t have to involve endless trial and error.

There are many products on the market that can suit any unique style and feature preference.

Narrowing the parameters of what you need and want can help you sift through and target the best brands and types.

If you invest a little extra time and consideration into browsing your options and experimenting with the look you want, you can zero in on the product that pulls your cosmetic ensemble together.

To help guide you to the right mascara and prevent you from wasting your money on the wrong one, here are some tips:

Lash Types:

The sort of lashes you naturally have and how you want them to look will help you differentiate between mascaras. Also, consider when and where you’re going to wear mascara, and which extra features will help sustain a lasting effect throughout the day.

Here are the different types of lashes you can choose from:

Lengthening: If you have short lashes and want them to appear longer, look for mascaras with labels that emphasize lash lengthening formulas and special applicators.

Volumising: If you have very fine lashes, certain formulas are designed to strengthen and increase volume and definition.

Curling: Curled lashes amplify your eyes by appearing thicker and lusher. If you don’t like the idea of using a curling apparatus around the delicate skin of your eyelids, using this mascara will help render the same effect.

Waterproof or Resistant:

If you’re more active throughout the day, especially with physical activity that’ll cause you to sweat, some mascaras are specifically formulated to repel water and moisture. This can prevent smudging and the undesired mascara run around your eyes.

Natural vs Synthetic:

Many Bondi Beauty readers are concerned about the way a product has been manufactured. Products can be marketed as organic or natural, meaning they contain fewer chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin.

The Eyes are sensitive, so products that are hypoallergenic and have limited chemical ingredients, such as natural mineral mascara can work for sensitive eyes.

Reading the labels and knowing what to look for can help.


Like other cosmetic products, certain palettes can bring out different facial features as we often see on global catwalks at fashion week.

Experimenting with colour in your mascara can help you work out what enhances your eye colour, complexion, and facial bone structure.

A natural and subtle effect works on some days.

On others, bolder colours combined with other products can create a dramatic look.

There are infinite ways to play with colour spectrums and see how they can elevate the effects and accentuate your eyes.

Know Your Budget :

Like all other cosmetic products and accessories, prices vary depending on brand and quality. You don’t need to spend a fortune on mascara to get decent quality.

Prices also depend on where you shop. Chemists offer more affordable brands, while department stores and boutique beauty stores offer higher-end and luxury mascaras. It’s simply a matter of personal preference and budget.

Search and Read Reviews for Products:

Candid reviews about mascaras can provide some helpful guidance on which brands and products have earned high marks and which ones to steer clear of.

Before investing in a high-end mascara, do some online research by typing best mascara Australia or wherever you’re from, then check online reviews to get a helpful perspective on how it ranks compared to other products.

Consistently positive comments and remarks indicate that the product under review is a fairly safe investment. Keep in mind that this is contingent on personal taste and expectations. Some customers have higher standards than others.

Try Out Samples In-store:

Depending on where you shop for your cosmetics, many department and beauty stores will give you the option to try out product samples. Don’t try the sample products on display as we are in a pandemic, but do ask for samples to take home.

This is a very effective way of knowing whether or not the mascara you select is as advertised and portrayed by its packaging.

You can also get a free makeover and get some tips from cosmetic professionals on the best products and most flattering looks for your unique appearance.

Victoria Nash


Victoria is a guest contributor for Bondi Beauty, who writes about a variety of fitness, beauty and health topics. She is a freelance writer who works for a variety of different publications across Australia, as she loves having the flexibility to write for different brands about different subjects.

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