Yes, You Can Use Face Oils On Oily Skin

Using oil-based products on oily skin

Often the best way to treat oily skin, is to use face oil. It sounds weird, but there’s actually some real science behind it.

Bondi Beauty’s beauty editors answers your beauty questions for this weeks Q&A on using face oils on oily skin types, and how to maintain your tan in Autumn.

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Q. I have an oily t-zone. People say I should use a face oil, but doesn’t that just add more oil?

If you have oily skin, a facial oil might be a way to help you manage the oil.

While this seems counterintuitive, it all comes down to oily skin often being deficient in essential fatty acids, with the excess oil being produced (sebum) due to your skin lacking something or your skin cells overproducing oil.

This means using facial oils can actually decrease the amount of oil the face produces. We recently road tested Medi Skin Saver Facial Oil $49.95, an all natural Australian product with Vitamin A & C actives.This oil keeps the skin hydrated all day but is light enough not to feel greasy.

Using face oils, whether in cleansers or pure face oils, the oil within the products actually helps to control the overproduction of sebum (excess oil) in the cells to reduce it and it can help reduce breakouts often caused from the oil.

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So how do you use a face oil? After cleansing (AM & PM), first apply your eye cream and any face serums you are using. Then apply your face oil and let it sit for a minute.

Depending on the face oil, some will dry faster than others.

After it’s dry, you can then apply your favourite face cream, to lock in all those delicious skin ingredients.

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Q. What is the best moisturiser to use for an oily t-zone? Should I use a different moisturiser on my t-zone to the rest of my face?

When it comes to moisturising your t-zone it is important to find a moisturiser that you can use on your whole face. There is no need to buy a moisturiser just for your t-zone.

Try to find one with an active in it like Nicinaminde or a mattifying one, which will both control the oil and help reduce an greasy look on the skin. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat Anti-Acne Moisturiser is not only perfect for oily skin it is also reasonably priced at RRP $31.95 and will help absorb oil and control it, whilst giving you a soft glowing, oil free look.

Indie Lee Active Oil free Moisturiser hydrates and protects skin from the elements, with a fabulous oil-free formula. It’s packed with natural ingredients, including Vitamin C, and Daisy, as well as Jasmine.

Q. How do I maintain a natural-looking self-tan as the weather begins to cool for autumn?

As the weather begins to cool and you want to keep your glow it is important to stay persistent with your self-tanning routine.

Having a natural looking self tan requires a lot of upkeep and commitment. However, this shouldn’t turn you off managing your tan, as once you settle into a routine, you can easily look after it.

Before you tan make sure you exfoliate 24-hours before using a physical exfoliant, as well as shaving. This creates a clean base for the tan.

On the day of tanning, have a shower and wait at least thirty minutes before applying self tan. And always moisturise the dry spots on your skin beforehand. Like knees, feet, hands and elbows.

Make sure you continue to moisturise daily morning and night to maintain the tan, and to make it last longer. You can also gently exfoliate three days after tanning and re-apply tan if required, to maintain a healthy glow.

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It took it to the next level.

My personalised dose was high in retinol, so I slowly introduced it into my night routine, patch testing on my wrist first, to ensure I would have no sensitivity issues, but I noticed my skin adapted super quick to the retinol base and I was able to use daily for my PM routine.

It does have an expiry date, so it”s not one of the products you simply just use from time to time and hope it lasts. This product really puts your money to good use, so you are going to want to use it daily.

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