Dry Shampoos That Will Have Your Hair Smelling Salon Fresh

From vanilla and fresh citrus scents to decadent coconut fragrances, make sure your dry shampoo leaves your hair smelling better than ever.

Nothing says freshly washed hair than aromas of fruity and floral scents bouncing around with every hair flick and flip. Dry shampoo can do a lot more than simply refreshing oily, dirty hair.

Celebrities all over the world including Drew Barrymore and Miranda Kerr swear by using dry shampoos in their hair care routines, and for good reason.

While dry shampoo itself adds instant volume and removes excess oil and sweat, it can also be used as hair perfume. Aroma and fragrance are equally important in masking signs of unwashed hair.

Dry shampoo is the easiest and ultimate styling tool.

How to get the most out of your dry shampoo

Sprayed directly onto dry hair, dry shampoo soaks up excess oil and sweat giving hair new life and stretching out wash days. It can also be used as a styling spray on clean hair, adding volume and definition to hair.

Hair stylists recommend spraying 15-20 cm away from the head directly to the roots. Start with the oiliest parts of the hair and slowly build up. This is important to avoid too much build-up in one area.

Next, let it sit in the hair for 60 seconds at least while it works to soak up those oils or alternatively apply dry shampoo the night before and let it work to absorb hair oils and sweat overnight. Wake up with clean, fresh and volumized hair. Be sure to work the dry shampoo through the hair with a brush and style as normal.

If you are a brunette, to avoid the white cast that some dry shampoos can leave on the hair, try avoiding the very top layer of the hair and instead target the roots underneath the top layer of hair and always work the product in well.

With the basics covered, here are 5 of the best scented dry shampoo products, by hair type, to keep your hair smelling decadent and salon fresh.

For frizzy hair try:

Part of Bastiste’s new “Naturally” range, this affordable dry shampoo uses natural extracts of coconut milk and hemp oil to produce a delicate fresh scent. Not only does coconut milk and hemp oil smell good, but it specifically targets frizz and tames flyaways

For oily hair try:

Amika’s perk up dry shampoo is a vegan formula perfect for oily hair. With an intoxicating blend of vanilla, spicy sweet clove and fresh citrus scents, this product absorbs dirt and oil and leaves hair smelling gorgeous.

For fine hair try:

With calming oat milk, this hypoallergenic formula is gentle and soft for sensitive scalps and works especially well on fine hair. This formula refreshes and revives hair adding bounce and shine. The added oat milk removes odours, leaving hair smelling freshly washed.

For dark hair try:

This dry shampoo uses triple action cleaning technology focusing on how hair looks, feels and smells. An encapsulated, time-release fragrance, works with added odor neutralizers to ensure continuously fresh scented hair. On top of that, the light formula is designed to avoid the dreaded white cast making it perfect for brunettes.

For dull hair try:

This Brazilian Joia Dry Shampoo is packed with antioxidant charged ingredients from the Amazon like Brazilian kaolin clay to detoxify and clarify dull hair. It’s addictive Cheirosa ’62 fragrance has notes of salted caramel, pistachio and vanilla that smell so divine you won’t ever want to wash your hair.

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