7 New Eyelash Trends and Tricks You Need to Try This Year

new eyelash trends

The seven new eyelash trends you need to know about this year.

Sticking on a pair of lashes definitely gives the eyes a fuller, more dramatic, and even sexier look.

However, what isn’t fun is having to peel them off after a long day and being left with eyelash glue stuck along the eyelid.

If you hate eyelash glue or aren’t the best when it comes to lash application, these tips and tricks are for you.

girl with pink eyelashes
Adding a pair of lashes will enhance any makeup look.


Also referred to as aqua lashes, all you need to use is water. Simply dip the lash in a small amount of water or apply it using a brush and place it along the natural lash line.  

The lash band is designed in a way so that water activates the adhesive already on the lash, preparing it for application.

Almost effortless in its application method, these lashes can be applied in a matter of seconds.

Try these:

Ardell Aqua Lashes ($12.99)
Ardell Aqua lashes

With just two easy steps, these lashes are the ultimate key to beautiful eyes. Giving a beautiful glam look, they are the perfect addition to the natural lashes.

Before application, ensure that your eyelashes and lash line are clean. Apply it as close as you possibly can to the lash line and hold it for a few seconds until it is secure. 

Get them here.


One of the hottest trends in beauty right now are lashes that attract to a magnetic eyeliner.

Though it may sound scary, Hawaii based paediatric and adult ophthalmologist Rupa Wong, MD, ensures they are safe for use.

She even argues they may be safer than traditional lashes, which require applying glue extremely close to the eye.

new eyelash trends
Different types of lashes have different application methods to suit the wearer.

To apply magnetic lashes, draw the eyeliner on three times, leaving it to dry for about 30 seconds in between each coat. This will make it eyeliner tacky allowing the eyelash to stick better and for longer.

The average magnetic eyelash will stay on for around 12 hours, giving a flawless and effortless look all day.

Try these:

KISS Magnetic Lash Liner Kit ($29.99)
KISS Magnetic eyelash

Easily available from your local chemist, these magnetic eyelashes are long lasting and reusable.

There are 5 double strength magnets along the band of each eyelash to easily attach onto the eyeliner.

Infused with a biotin formula to avoid damaging the natural eyelashes, the eyeliner is non-smudge and highly secure.

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Ardell Magnetic Gel Eyeliner ($21.50) & Ardell Magnetic Naked Lashes ($16)

These two are the ultimate eye combo. Not only is the eyeliner long-wear, it is also waterproof and paraben and latex free.

Ardell Lashes have been designed to be extremely comfortable and seamless.

Together, they make false lashes extremely easy to apply.

Get the lashes and magnetic eyeliner here.


Gripping onto even the sparsest and shortest of lashes, these might be the easiest way to apply lasher, ever.

Simply place the top lash along your upper lash line, then position the lower lash underneath.

The magnets should then stick together and hold onto the natural lash.

Try these:

CTFIVING Magnetic Eyelashes ($19.99)
new eyelash trends

The curve-shaped applicator that comes with the product allows for a hands-free and effortless application of the lashes.

Apart from applying lashes, it also effectively acts as an eyelash curler.

The applicator is also lightweight and small in size, so it can be taken on the go. Within a matter of seconds, you are able to adjust the eyelash if it slides from its original position throughout the day.

Get it here.

BayBella Magnetic Eyelashes ($39.95)
new eyelash trends

These magnetic eyelashes by BayBella are used in the same way as a normal eyelash curler would be used.

Simply apply the top and bottom lashes to the magnetic bases of the applicator tool.

To take these lashes off, pinch on any side of the lash and pull outwards gently. This should split the top and bottom magnetic lashes apart and come off easily.

Get them here.


The fox-eye makeup trend has definitely blown up over the last few months.

Believe it or not, a simple yet effective way of achieving this eye look requires just eyeliner and a pair of eyelashes.

Rather than applying the eyelash on your natural lash-line, draw a bold and sharp eyeliner wing pointing outwards, and stick the eyelash along the outer edge of the wing.

This will give the eyes an enhanced look, making them look bigger than they actually are.

For a more dramatic fox-eye look, try these glam lashes: HUDA Beauty Shortie False Eyelashes ($28)

For a natural look, try these lashes: Velour Lashes Effortless Natural Lash ($43)

For a natural and more affordable lash, try these: Ardell Demi Wispies ($11.99)


These lashes seamlessly blend in with the natural lashes, shorter than the average dramatic lash but still long enough to be noticeable.

However, they tend to be accentuated and slightly longer towards the outer corners of the eye to give the natural yet effortless look.

Depending on which style you choose, some may come as half an eyelash, only needing to be applied to the outer half of the eye.

Try these:

Glam by Manicare Bella Lashes ($10.99)
new eyelash trends

These accent lashes create the perfect natural look that is not overpowering and highly dramatic.

Coming with an invisible band, this will highlight your natural lashes while giving them some subtle length on the outer edges of the eye.

Get them here.

Eylure 3/4 Length Lashes ($11.99)
eyelash trends and hacks

Designed by London-based eyelash specialist Eylure, these 3/4 lashes add increased texture and fullness to the eye.

Not requiring measuring or trimming before use, lashes by Eylure and handmade and last up to 5 wears, giving you value for money.

Coming with latex-free eyelash glue with every eyelash purchase, the adhesive is guaranteed by Eylure to last up to 18 hours.

Get them here.


Though a bit more time consuming, these lash kits will ensure you are able to achieve the eyelashes that you truly want.

With application completely up to you, these kits come with individual eyelash fans that are ready to be applied onto the eye.

Try these:

Lashify Control Kit ($185)
new eyelash trends

Though high-end and moderately pricier, this lash control kit is all you need for perfect and comfortable lashes that are easy to apply.

The Lashify control kit requires 5 easy steps that will give you lashes that last for up to a week:

  1. Prep your natural eyelashes with any cleanser.
  2. Apply the bonder that is designed to hold the lashes in place.
  3. Use the lash wand to apply the lashes.
  4. Fuse your natural lashes and false lashes together using the curved end of the wand.
  5. Seal your lashes to ensure long wear time.

Get it here.

Natasha Denona Single False Eyelashes ($18)
new eyelash trends

Whether you are going for a natural or full look, these single eyelashes give you the power of creating your ideal lash look.

They are extremely lightweight and soft, they blend in with the natural eyelashes.

Get it here.

MAC 30 Lash ($25)
new eyelash trends

These eyelashes will give you an amazingly curly yet natural eyelash look. With three eyelash lengths in a single pack, you are able to customise them however you wish.

Apply all medium length lashes along the eye for a natural look.

For a dramatic look, begin with the short lengths on the inner corner of the eye and transition to longer lengths as you move outwards.

If taken care of after wearing, these lashes can be reused and last through multiple wears.

Get it here.


This hot and upcoming trend has been sweeping the trending pages of Instagram and Tiktok over the past few months.

Simply apply a thin line of eyelash glue along the natural lash line and place a false eyelash into the crease of your eyelid.

Blinking will then cause the eyelash to fall into the place of the natural lash line perfectly and stick to the already applied glue.

Though many speculate whether this actually works, it is a quick and easy way of applying lashes for those who struggle getting them on.

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