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The Insider Secrets to Finding the Right Serum

Don’t know retinol serums from hyaluronic? No? You’re not alone. Full of powerful, targeted ingredients, serums can become your skin’s best friend – if you know how to use them properly. The word ‘serums’, and their often-expensive price tag, can send many skincare beginners into a frazzle. From boosting Vitamin C levels, targeting hyperpigmentation, increasing […]

Beauty: Dry Skin? Eight New Moisturisers For The Face

Eight NEW moisturisers to help combat dry skin. Dry skin is never fun. It can be easily irritated, makeup doesn’t sit as well and sometimes, it can be downright embarrassing when trying to hide it under makeup. Finding the right lotion which works for your dry skin conditions can be tough. And often heavy moisturisers […]