Celebrity Inspired Bath Rituals We’re Loving in Lockdown

celebrity bath rituals we're adopting in lockdown

From bathing in beer to soaking in chocolate, these are our favourite celebrity inspired bath rituals to help you stay young and beautiful.

Inspired by Oprah’s recent spa ritual reveal with Cosmo we thought we’d check in on how other celebrities enjoy their at-home bath rituals.

Oprah describes herself as a “bathing connoisseur.” She even once had a tub hand-carved in Italy from a single piece of onyx to fit the precise mould of her body. “It’s where I go to get ideas. To be inspired. To calm myself,” She  says. 

Baths are sublime anytime of the year, and in winter there is something super special about the comfort of all that warm water soaking around your body. 

Though Oprah keeps her baths fairly simple yet luxurious, using a variety of bath oils, essential oils and bubbles to nourish and hydrate skin as she distresses in the bath, gone are the days of or your humble bath made of rose petal infused water and fizzing bath bombs. 

It’s time to get creative and adopt one of these crazy celebrity bath rituals.

Take a Beer Bath:

January Jones Pours beer into her bath, whilst enjoying a glass at the same time, as she soaks in it.

American actress January Jones revealed on Instagram she takes beer baths. 

Jones explains she puts a lot of creative ingredients into her bath and beer is one of them, as it helps to exfoliate the skin, whilst nourishing it and hydrating it at the same time. 

She adopted the concept after reading about the strange things Cleopatra used to pop into her bath to stay young and beautiful. 

Jones recommends just one cup of beer is all you need to add into your bath, along with any of your other fave ingredients, like salts and essential oils. She warns don’t put more than a glass of beer in your bath, as the smell becomes too much.

Create an Egyptian Milk Bath:

There’s nothing sexier than a milk-inspired Cleopatra bath.

On the topic of Cleopatra’s baths, celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian West and Rosie Huntington-Whitley have all admitted to regularly taking Egyptian milk baths to help them achieve soft, silky and youthful looking skin.

Even the founder of Bondi Beauty and Renae’s World, Renae Leith has been known to take a milk bath or two.

Here’s how to make an Egyptian milk bath:

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water
  2. Once your bath is full, add in your milk. Start with at least 2 cups of milk and add extra depending on how milky you’d like the bath to be.
  3. Let the mixture settle for at least 15 minutes
  4. Add dried lavender, fresh flowers and a few drops of your favourite essential oils. We recommend lavender oil to help nurture and calm your mind.

*You can use powdered milk for less mess.

Recommended Product to add to your Milk Bath:

Oil Bath for The Senses by Susanne Kaufmann RRP $112.47

Infused with oils of ylang-ylang, patchouli, and lavender for a relaxing experience after a strenuous day. The velvety consistency and soothing scent of genuine essential oils nourish and pamper the skin and the senses, with a rosemary twig harvested at Susanne Kaufmann’s partner hotel Sao Loureno do Barrocal in Portugal.

Salt Baths:

Hailey bathing in the salty sea off the Italian during a photoshoot for Versace.

Touted by Hailey Bieber as the answer to blemish free and younger looking skin. “Bathing in the ocean is the best thing – sometimes nature is the ultimate beauty hack,” she posted with an image of her at the beach on her Instagram page.

Not everyone is blessed to be by the beach, or have easy access to one. So, you may need to recreate the ocean at home in your own bath.

The ocean is mineral rich, so using products such as Epsom and magnesium salts in your bath will help you re-create your very own ocean bath. You can always download some soothing ocean sounds on your phone and play those as you relax in the bath to recreate the whole beach scene. 

Simply add two cups of your mineral of choice or combine a variety by adding a cup of each mineral into your bath and soak for at least 15 minutes to allow time for the minerals to work their magic. 

Recommended Product:

Hunter Lab Pinot Grape Skin Bath Salts RRP $54

These bath salts are a mixture of normal salt, magnesium salt, Vitis Vinifera (grape skins), sodium and cranberry seed powder. It’s completely vegan and cruelty-free and designed to replicate a geothermal spring at home. 

Add a Splash of Red Wine to Your Bath:

Enjoy a glass of red – or two.

A glass for you, a glass for me. Desperate Housewives actress Teri Hatcher indulges in red wine baths, adding a glass or two into her spa ritual, believing it to be rich in antioxidants saying “my skin is softer and smoother after bathing in a bath where I’ve added wine, and great for achieving a natural glow all over my skin, helping to combat any skin ageing issues”.

Hatcher also claims she waits until nearing the end of the bath and any sediment from the red wine which has sunk to the bottom of the bath, is used to exfoliate the skin before getting out and rinsing in the shower. 

The only bad thing about a red wine bath Hatcher says is you can end up drinking a whole bottle of red by the time you’re done.

Take a Chocolate Bath:

Bachelor Richie with Alex in a bathtub made from chocolate on the 2016 episode of The Bachelor.

Back in 2016, we were exposed to the concept of a chocolate bath when Bachelor Richie spent a chocolate-themed solo date with 24-year-old single mum Alex, which ended in the pair spending a steamy evening in a chocolate tub, which aired across Australian television screens.

Since then, many luxurious hotels around the world have offered up indulgent chocolate-inspired baths, like the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania aptly nicknamed The Chocolate Spa, where they offer everything from chocolate massages to cocoa body wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures, scrubs, polishes and hydrotherapy, all in a European-styled bath house.

To create your own chocolate inspired bath, check out some of our top picks below:

Philosophy Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Cookie 2-Pieces Gift Set: Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath RRP $38.95

Chocolate-dipped shortbread, I mean the name of this product alone should be enough to get you excited.

Infused with cinnamon, chocolate, ginger, butter and sugar, this dynamic duo can be used as shampoo for hair, body wash and bubble bath and moisturiser, which not only smells indulgent, it nourishes, protects and hydrates the skin as well.

Organic Shop Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Smoothing Bath Foam RRP $16.16

This beautiful skin smoothing bath foam lends your skin a silky softness while its sweet aroma appeals to your senses.

Made with nourishing macadamia oil and organic cocoa butter, skin will feel soft, as this bath foam helps prevent dryness and flaking, whilst the added silk amino acids help to soften skin. It also contains vitamin E to help keep skin in a perfectly healthy state.

Stay Hydrated:

No matter what type of crazy bath you find yourself taking, it’s important to keep your fluids up during your bath time ritual. This means before you start, during and afterwards. 

Start your bath ritual with a hot herbal tea. Peppermint is a great tea for this purpose as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Drink a nice glass of water during your bath ritual to keep your body hydrated when soaking in a hot bath.

End your bath ritual with a replenishing post-soak beauty drink. Try blending a scoop of collagen powder with avocado, frozen banana, spinach and cucumber for a skin refreshing and body enriching vitamin and mineral boost.

Rebecca Wilkinson

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Rebecca is a freelance content creator and beauty editor for Bondi Beauty. She is a pescatarian, who may yet become vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel, has a weakness for coffee and is obsessed with cats and yoga. If she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's trying out the latest beauty trend, like massaging crushed pearls into her skin for the ultimate collagen and vitamin boost to skin cells.

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