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Don’t leave the house without first using one of these summer beauty essentials which protect, nourish and nurture skin.

The weather has been predicted, February is going to be one of our hottest months this year, with potentially scorching temps on the horizon.

This means the importance of using the right skincare products to help protect your skin against the harmful UV rays and nourish after being out in the sun in the day, is more than important than ever.

These twelve summer beauty items are essential to help you do just that, so you can enjoy your best skin ever in summer.


For the body, we recommend the beautiful and natural sunscreen Sun Bum Premium Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ RRP $17.99 which works to hydrate and moisturise the skin, whilst protecting it from the harmful UV rays.

For the face, well-known skincare brands and specialists Edible Beauty and Dermaviduals have launched two sunscreens to help nourish your face, feed nutrients to dry skin, all whilst protecting the skin from the UV rays of the sun.

The Edible Beauty Basking Beauty Natural Sunscreen RRP $39 is ocean-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan, is moisturising and is an anti-ageing sunscreen. Enriched with Vitamin E and Rosehip Oil to nourish the skin and provide a hydration boost. Basking Beauty is the ultimate plant-based, botanical and luxurious sunscreen. 

For a clinical designed skincare sunscreen product, look no farther than the Dermaviduals Sunscreen SPF 15 RRP $50 which has been made with specially formulated ingredients designed to replicate the sebum of the skin, whilst boosting hydration and elasticity, all whilst giving you solid sun protection.

Sun Bum Premium Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion RRP $17.99
Edible Beauty Basking Beauty Natural Sunscreen RRP $39
Dermaviduals Sunscreen SPF 15 Face Cream RRP $50

Lips and Skin:

Protecting the lips is equally as important as using sunscreen, and so is after skin care on the body. Especially after spending the day in a pool or at the beach. Although salt water at the beach can in itself be nourishing for the body. When added with heat and harmful rays of the sun, it can leave skin feeling dry and under hydrated.

For the lips, Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm RRP $15.40 and Dermaviduals Lip Balm RRP $39 are both specially formulated to protect and nourish lips for both in the sun and after sun care also.

Each balm has been made using natural ingredients which work to help skin on the lips regenerate and they are both easy to wear under any lipstick keeping lips well hydrated and kissable.

Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm RRP $15.40
Dermaviduals Lip Balm RRP $39

To help the body recover from a day in the sun and sea, Bodyplus Skin Oil from Africa RRP $14.99 which is an intensive skin repair oil for the whole body helps to restore moisture and hydration to the skin, whilst also helping to heal any scars and stretch marks at the same time.

And for an all over soothing product which can be used for both the face and the body, the Aspect Soothing Gel RRP $30 is the perfect product to help you recover from the heat. Made from aloe vera, cucumber and chamomile, this gel works to boost hydration and restore skin to it’s natural balance, whilst nurturing and recovering from any heat from the day.

Bodyplus Skin Oil from Africa RRP $14.99
Aspect Soothing Gel RRP $30


There’s really nothing more soothing, than applying a rich hydration mask after spending the day swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool, or soaking up as much of the natural sea salt at the beach as possible. Both of which can leave skin feeling a little depleted, dirty and even lacking a glow.

The L’Action Paris Youth Boosting Night Mask RRP $14.95 which is an overnight treatment for the skin, made from coconut and cranberries, both of which will hydrate and cleanse the skin of any toxins whilst boosting moisture is an easy fix for the skin treatment which works whilst you sleep.

Biore have launched a fabulous new skincare range of Blue Agave and Baking Soda. The baking soda works to open pores and cleanse out all the dirt and dead skin cells, whilst the blue agave then seeps deep into the skin to provide excellent nourishment and hydration to the skin. Try their new Instant Warming Clay Mask RRP $4.79 which is available in a pack of four.

L’Action Paris Youth-Boosting Night Mask RRP $14.95
Biore Blue Agave + Baking Soda Instant Warming Clay Mask RRP $4.79
L’Action Paris Tired & Puffy Eyes Reducer Masks RRP $9.95

For a gentle boost to hydration around the delicate eye area, the L’Action Paris Tired & Puffy Eyes Reducer Masks RRP $9.95 which comes with three eye masks in the pack, is an amazing recovery for eyes after swimming in the pool or at the beach all day. Made with aloe vera, chamomile and green tea, each ingredients helps to nourish, hydrate and sooth after being out in the sun all day.


Cleansing the skin after being out all day is an important step in any skin care ritual. And you should always remember to cleanse twice to ensure you have removed all dirt, oil, makeup , sunscreen, and any other product or grime which has stuck to your face throughout the day.

For cleansing, La Man have released a beautiful new cleansing oil called the Marula Face Cleansing Oil RRP $39.95 and it works to remove dirt and impurities from the skin for clean and clear pores. With the added ingredients of Raspberry Seed Oil, this cleansing oil will also make skin glow.

in March, Garnier will be launching their new Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-free beauty range in Australia which is super exciting. Their products are made from organic ingredients which are rich in vitamins and natural mineral, all of which promote healthy, natural looking skin.

To help skin stay well nourished and well hydrated in summer, try their new Organics Argan Nourishing Moisturiser RRP $20 which is enriched with aloe vera for soothing and hydration and Hyaluronic Acid which works to absorb moisture from the air into the skin, keeping it soft and moisturised for nearly 48-hours hydration.

La Mav Marula Face Cleansing Oil RRP $39.95
Garnier Organics Vegan Nourishing Moisturiser RRP $20
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