Jasmin Singh-brar


Jasmin is a final year Journalism student at UTS. As well as a lover of all things coffee, health, fitness and beauty, Jasmin is addicted to seeking out the best lookout spots in Sydney and finding the next best story.

‘Power Posing’- It Doesn’t Actually Work

With 12 million views, it’s the second most watched TedTalk to date. The idea that ‘power posing’ can dramatically improve your life. Yet as new studies suggest, it doesn’t actually work. In June 2012 Amy Cuddy from Harvard University spoke at TEDx about research that found holding a ‘power pose’, i.e. one that makes your […]

Looking for The Perfect Gym? Try Here- And No, It’s Not a Name You’ll Know.

Finding the perfect gym is hard, trust me I know. So, if you’re still stuck finding the right workout space- Sweaty Soul might just be your next best friend. With summer almost here, many of us are looking for the perfect workout space to keep up our fitness or achieve that dream bod. Often big […]

Dying Your Hair or Chemically Straightening it Might Cause Cancer?

New research from the US has suggested hair dye and chemical straighteners could either cause cancer or can at least raise a woman’s risk of developing the disease. A study of 4000 women in the US, over half of whom were breast cancer survivors, has made links between brunette hair dye and chemical hair straighteners and […]

How To Be Your Best Self and Improve Your Relationships

New research reveals what it takes to be your best self and improve your relationships, and the great news? It’s not that hard. What it takes to be successful and be your best self could simply come down to having a positive environment, strong support networks and being good at something, new research has found. […]

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