Ally Bodnaruk


Ally enjoys long books and large coffees. She spends most of her time daydreaming about new places to travel instead of writing, and the rest of it daydreaming about all the things she’d like to write.

Are you over-using your mobile phone?

Over-using our phones can cause mental health issues. An American study published in Computers in Human Behaviour has given us another reason to limit how much we use our smartphones. The study draws links between overuse of a mobile phone and an increased risk of mental health issues. This is partly due to the constant […]

Want more money? Play more music.

Everyone loves listening to music, and listening to different types of music can actually improve your life. Here’s how: 1. Improve Focus Listening to certain types of music, specifically classical music with its harmonious melodies and lack of lyrics while completing multi-step, solution based tasks improves your concentration and alertness. So next time someone wants to […]

5 Health Benefits of Ginger You May Not Know About

 Ginger has health benefits that go beyond helping us shake those irritating coughs and sniffles, and the Chinese have know about them for centuries: Prevent Nausea Ginger is great at preventing or relieving nausea—whether it be from motion sickness or morning sickness. Drinking a cup of ginger tea or taking ginger tablets will help settle […]

Periscope Fitness? The free way to a bikini body.

Have you embraced the new fitness trend? Free Periscope Fitness Classes – we give you our top five: If you have trouble finding time or money for exercise then  check out Periscope—Twitter’s live streaming service. Periscope works a little bit like your Snapchat story—except that it lets you live-stream your life as well as storing […]

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