Bondi’s best blow dry

Called Blow Bar Co, this blow dry bar is going to blow not only your hair, but your mind too.

Bondi's best blow dry Bondi Beauty
The Blow Bar in Waverley

This is the first place in the world ( we think!) you can get your hair done and sit at a bar eating and drinking almost anything your heart desires.

It’s the ultimate way to catch up with your girlfriends, chill out, look beautiful and have fun at the same time, and the striking design of the place is far more bar than hairdresser, so you automatically feel relaxed and ready to look and feel amazing.

You can also get your make-up done, and it opens at 7am -7pm Monday-Saturday, so you can get in before work, or go before a date to ensure you look fabulous.

The concept is the brain child of Bondi local, and single mum Leigh Dole, who returned from Bali after a four year hiatus there with a burning ambition to create something new for Sydney’s Beachside suburbs.

The Blow bar offers over 30 alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as a plethora of hair services, including up-styles, curls or straightening, so this is perfect before a special night out or special day event at work.

And yes, men are welcome, and receive a head massage with their blow dry.

The Bondi Beauty team are in LOVE with this venue – but be warned, so is half of the Eastern suburbs so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Renae Leith-Manos

Editor and Founder of Bondi Beauty

Renae Leith-Manos is a Sydney journalist who hangs out in Bondi. She has had a colourful media career, and spends her time writing, consulting to new businesses, running, doing yoga, swimming & cycling. She's likes healthy eating, but thinks chocolate cake is just as important as kale chips. She spends weekends hanging out with her gorgeous twins doing something fun in Sydney's East.

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