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This is your ultimate beauty guide to help transition your skin from Summer to Autumn.

Summer is officially over, which means it’s time to switch your beauty routine and help your skin deal with the cooler temperatures of Autumn.

Starting with your hair, Autumn is the best time to start renewing hair cells from all that time spent in the sun.

Function of Beauty have released their new leave in conditioner which helps to restore hydration and balance to hair. Perfectly matched with their personalised shampoo and condition range, this new leave in conditioner can be used on wet and dry hair and easily matches any other type of styling products used; whether you’re going for a styled look or natural look.

They have also just released a new selection of beautiful Autumn scents like peach, apple and pear for their shampoo and conditioners (yum).

If you’ve never heard about Function of Beauty, they are an American haircare brand who personalise their products according to your hair type and concerns and you get to pick your own colour and scents too. Click here for more details on Function of Beauty.

You’ve been wearing fake tan, sunscreen and foundation all summer, time to clean out all the excess dirt and dead skin cells. Cruelty-free, Vegan and certified Organic beauty brand Raww Cosmetics celebrated their first birthday this year and to celebrate they have released a new range of superfood beauty products to renew the skin.

For removing makeup Raww have developed their new Remove-ME Micellar Cleansing Water for RRP $16.99. Made with ingredients like Witch Hazel, Kakadu Plum and Green Tea Extract, this micellar water not only reboots hydration of the skin it helps fights blemishes as well.

After cleansing and exfoliating, try their Superfood Salad Green Clay Detox Mask for RRP $29.99, made from Coconut Water, Kale and Spinach and Wildberry. The mask has been specially formulated to even out skin tone, leaving skin supple and radiant.

Vitamin C is the ultimate ingredient in any beauty skincare product. It’s a powerful antioxidant which can regulate and control pigmentation and maintain distribution of natural melatonin in the cells. Often when there is an imbalance of both, skin can end up congested and dull looking.

Peter Thomas Roth has launched a new vitamin C range of skincare products called potent-C and they are now available across all Sephora stores in Australia. Their Bright and Plump Moisturiser for RRP $102 is loaded with ingredients to help balance skin tone, boost natural collagen reducing any fine lines and firming skin.

Straight from Greece, natural and organic beauty brand Eucosmia have created a beautiful new beauty brand inspired by the Greek Monastic Heritage of using herbs and plants to treat all health and skin concerns.

For Autumn we recommend their hand cream, which has been created using a traditional formula of the Vatopaidi Monastery of Mount Athos, made of organic herbs and honey all organically farmed by the monks themselves. The combination of calendula, chamomile and geranium extracts smooths, soothes and calms the skin of the hands. Soon to be released in Australia – so stay tuned.

Who doesn’t love a good face serum. Certified organic, natural and vegan beauty brand Antipodes from New Zealand released their fabulous new face serum Blessing (RRP $54 from David Jones) last month and so far, the reviews have been amazing. The BB team have been using the serum since its release and all have reported their skin feeling less congested, well-hydrated and small sing of ageing have even disappeared.

Polish off your Autumn look with the new Dream Fearless Fragrance by Mary Kay (RRP $62). The scent is woody with a soft floral note using Italian bergamot, rose de Mai, pink peppercorns and pineapple all mixed with a baseline mix of jasmine, tiger lily, and orange flower.

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