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Your Guide to Finding All the Hot Guys in Bondi

For all the single, beach-loving ladies (or gentlemen). Here are the top seven hot spots where you’ll find all the hot guys in Bondi: Hotel Ravesis 118 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026 This iconic Bondi icon recently got the makeover of a lifetime, following a 5-month renovation of its hotel, restaurant and bar. With […]

The common ‘white lie’ in dating that needs to stop

If you have been on a date at some point in the last 5 years, you would have either said or been on the receiving end of this ‘white lie’ pearler. “I’m just not looking for a relationship right now”. Ugh. That has the same amount of bullshit seeping from it as this old gem; […]

Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work – According to Science

You know the old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, that your mum definitely told you more than once? Well, anyone who has Tinder, Happ’n or Bumble will know, you are probably ignoring that pretty sound advice. According to Princeton psychology professor Alexander Todorov’s new book ‘Face Value’, it takes our brain just […]

OMG, Finally – Where To Go On a Date In Bondi According To Your Star Sign (It REALLY works) 

Finding the ultimate date venue is never easy, but if you use your love’s star sign as a guide, you can ensure you get the nuances – the little things absolutely right. This month:  Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd This month is the month of the lovely compassionate but slightly shy Virgo’s. Virgo’s love […]

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