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Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work – According to Science

You know the old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, that your mum definitely told you more than once? Well, anyone who has Tinder, Happ’n or Bumble will know, you are probably ignoring that pretty sound advice. According to Princeton psychology professor Alexander Todorov’s new book ‘Face Value’, it takes our brain just […]

OMG, Finally – Where To Go On a Date In Bondi According To Your Star Sign (It REALLY works) 

Finding the ultimate date venue is never easy, but if you use your love’s star sign as a guide, you can ensure you get the nuances – the little things absolutely right. This month:  Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd This month is the month of the lovely compassionate but slightly shy Virgo’s. Virgo’s love […]

What Is the Bad Pancake Theory in Dating?

The Bad Pancake Theory: Why the first guy (or girl) you date after a serious relationship is destined to fail. Just like the first pancake in the batch, the theory is it will end up burnt. I usually don’t like these kinds of dating analogies, but this one I am 100% behind. The first pancake […]

5 Lessons I Learnt From Being Ghosted

What does it mean to ‘be ghosted’? Writer Milly Haddrick explains. One minute he’s messaging you every day, tagging you in an abundance of memes on Facebook and taking you out on nice dates. Then all of a sudden there is nothing… Radio silence. You start to wonder if he ever actually existed or was […]

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