Less Cars in Paris? Pure Brilliance.



Paris’ Mayor has pledged to have less cars on the inner city roads.


Women in Paris can even cycle in heels. Love it!

Clearly we love Sydney and especially Bondi here at Bondi Beauty, but Paris is one of our favourite cities to visit, and this morning’s news that the four central districts are being pedestrianised is great news.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo says “in the four central districts, apart from bikes, buses and taxis, the only vehicles allowed will be resident’s cars, delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles.”

That means walking and cycling around Paris is about to become a whole lot easier. She says by 2020, the number of bike lanes will double as part of a $147 million bike development plan.

The city’s velib bike share program has been a huge success, and is utilised by both tourists and locals. It’s serviced regularly, is economical and works.

Today the number of locals with their own vehicle has dropped to forty percent. In 2011, it was 60%, and the velib network is credited with contributing to the decrease in this number.

Paris is not the only city focussed on a more environmentally friendly world. London, Rome and New York have also tried to reduce their reliance on cars by pedestrianising certain zones or charging drivers to drive in city centres.

Now what about Sydney?


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