10 of the Best Sexy Bars to Visit in Sydney

These ten sexy bars in Sydney’s CBD and surrounding suburbs are a must for you to visit.

If you’re seeking the ideal spot to unwind and connect, Sydney’s sexy bar scene offers a plethora of trendy options.

From intimate low-lit bars to lustrous waterfront venues, Sydney offers diverse experiences at an array of venues.

Whether in the CBD or its surrounding suburbs, Sydney has something for everyone.

These are some of the best bars Sydney has to offer for a sexy and intimate date night.

Opera Bar: $$

Cocktails from $23 Meals from $23

For a relaxed date and amazing photos…

Don’t miss: the signature Sunsets Forever for a tropical feel or spice it up with a Sugar and Spice.

For breathtaking views of Sydney’s iconic landmarks, look no further than Circular Quay. Here, you’ll find several trendy sexy bars offering prime waterfront locations. Opera Bar, nestled beneath the sails of the Sydney Opera House, is a perennial favourite among locals and visitors alike. 

Opera Bar offers a plethora of options for both food and drinks. Enjoy an array of gourmet pizzas, chips and tapas for a lovely dinner. All whilst sipping on cocktails crafted with precision and taking in the stunning vista of the harbour and the city skyline. Opera Bar offers a number of house cocktails whilst also serving all the classics we love. 

Cruise Bar: $$

Cocktails from $23 Meals from $26

Feel like dressing up or are celebrating a special occasion?

Don’t miss: The Hulk Smash brings together more tropical flavours alongside the Naboo, for a coconutty tropical feel. Weather you feel like sliders or a classic cheese board, The Rooftop does it best. Indulge in share plates whilst feasting your eyes on the glorious ocean.

Cruise Bar offers a sophisticated atmosphere and an extensive drinks menu, making it a perfect choice for a special occasion. Relax and enjoy stunning views of the Sydney city skyline and harbour. You’ll be spoilt for choice with a delicious selection of seasonal eats and a drinks menu designed to complement the unique harbourside location. The main cruise bar features a modern-Australian cuisine inspired by their harbourside location. The Junk Lounge is a fusion of flavours featuring popular Asian dishes.

However, for a romantic and picturesque evening visit The Rooftop. Here you can share a delicious selection of share-plates and house cocktails. Enjoy an Aperol with a twist; the Jolly Roger cocktail with limoncello, Aperol, vanilla and lemon is the perfect spritz for a night on the water. 

Bar 83: $$$

Cocktails from $23 Meals from $22

For the most magnificent city views in town…

Don’t miss: Sipping on signature cocktails and enjoying small bites as you watch the city lights twinkle in the distance from this sexy bar. With its chic decor featuring an alluring red colour palate and unbeatable vistas, Bar 83 is sure to impress even the most discerning of dates.

For a date night with a view, head to the heart of the city and make your way to Bar 83 at the Sydney Tower Eye. Perched high above the bustling streets below, this rooftop bar offers panoramic views of Sydney’s skyline, providing a romantic backdrop for your evening.

Bar 83 offers unforgettable share plates, that are to a gourmet standard. Try the slow cooked lamb shoulder sliders, or for something lighter you can never go wrong with the tempura zucchini. Enjoy an intimate date with some sexy cocktails, ranging from a light spritz to indulgent creations like the Mocha Mexicana. Not in the mood for cocktails? Bar 83 offers an extensive spirits list and some of the finest champaign on offer. Enjoy an unforgettable date night at Bar 83, where you’ll savour one of Sydney’s most breathtaking and distinctive views.

Eau-De-Vie, Darlinghurst: $$$

Cocktails from $26 Plates from $22

Looking for sexy vibe?

Don’t Miss: The Whisky Room, aptly named for its extensive collection of rare whiskies, also houses their exclusive Bottle Lockers, allowing patrons to secure their preferred spirit for future visits.

Eau-De-Vie Sydney beckons the discerning bon vivant into an intimate, jazz-infused speakeasy, enveloped in dim lighting. Let the hosts and seasoned bartenders whisk you away to a bygone era where impeccable service, crafted cocktails, and a sense of nostalgia reign supreme. Derived from the French term meaning ‘water of life,’ Eau-De-Vie pays homage to spirits such as French brandy, whisky, vodka, and aquavit, believed to be the elixir of life in alchemical tradition.

At the heart of Eau-de-Vie lies its expansive back bar, where bartenders craft iconic creations like the Smokey Rob Roy and Espresso Zabione, alongside a curated selection of innovative libations. Savor an evening of sophistication and nostalgia at Eau-De-Vie Sydney – the perfect destination for a sultry and unforgettable date night, or whatever your heart desires.

Mille Vini, Surry Hills: $$

Cocktails from $24 Meals from $29

For a quite chatty night…

Don’t miss: This gorgeous Italian style restaurant and bar offers an array of Italian foods with a strong emphasis on classic recipes from all Italian regions and handcrafted pasta. With its cosy booths and dimly lit ambiance, it’s the ideal spot for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a quiet drink and some fabulous food together. 

Known for its trendy cafes and eclectic boutiques, Surry Hills is also home to a hidden gem perfect for a romantic rendezvous. Tucked away on a bustling street, Milli Vini exudes intimacy and charm from the moment you step inside. Some of their signature dishes include poached octopus salad, battered zucchini flour, trifle pecorino with blossom honey and a selection of freshly made crostini Stracciatella. Just as the name suggests, Mille Vini, translating to ‘a thousand wines’ has an extensive wine concept.

With a focus on local producers with Italian varieties and new emerging Italian wines, their selection promises to delight even the most discerning palates. The cocktail menu embarks on an adventurous and playful journey, blending timeless classics with fresh, seasonal ingredients tailored to complement their culinary offerings. This elegantly appointed sexy bar and restaurant boasts both a private dining area and an ambiance of intimacy.

Li’l Darlin, Surry Hills: $

Cocktails from $21 Meals from $23

Best for a fun night filled with laughs

Don’t Miss: The decadent cocktails that are as whimsical as they are delicious, with cotton candy creations stealing the spotlight, with both cotton candy cocktails or shots with a sweet twist.

Step into the vibrant world of Li’l Darlin’, where the atmosphere is electric, and every moment is infused with excitement. This lively hotspot in Surry Hills boasts a playful vibe that sets the stage for unforgettable cocktail creations. But it’s not just about the drinks; From tapas, delicious pizzas and menus for every taste. Serving up mouth-watering pizzas and addictive garlic fries that will leave you craving more. Li’l Darlin’ promises a lively atmosphere where every moment is filled with laughter and good times.

Caterpillar Club: $$

Cocktails from $25 Meals from $26

Best for dressing up and enjoying some fabulous vinyls in a dim lit sexy atmosphere. 

Don’t miss: A sexy ambience with a row of two person booths, perfectly engineered for first dates. Or visit the tiki-style Bamboo Room, Caterpillar Club’s semi-hidden bar within a bar.

The caterpillar club is an underground music bar. Bosting one of the world’s largest private record collections and masterful snacks until 3am Sunday to Thursday and 4am Friday to sat. The lovely vibe inside is complemented with a dark ambience and mixed seating. Choose between intimate booths or bar stools in this curved caterpillar shaped venue. The plush leather and timber aesthetic is inspired by classic Hollywood. Drink martinis and enjoy some oysters to do this date right.

Due to the 200-punter capacity venue, this is the perfect place for an intimate night, but beware – after going viral on TikTok the club is has a long wait time as they only take walk ins, so be prepared to wait in line. However, this sexy bar is worth the wait.

Kitty Hawk, CBD: $$$

Cocktails from $25 Meals from $36

Best for a unique atmosphere with ambient lighting and great food. 

Don’t miss: The fabulous atmosphere featuring a seductive set up encompassing rustic vintage décor with delicious French inspired food and cocktails. 

With a French military inspired aesthetic Kitty Hawk is perfect for a sexy date night. This low-lit sexy bar in Sydney’s CBD offers an array of food and beverages with up to 900 spirits to choose from. With its name originating from a US fighter jet, this sexy bar perfectly captures the ambience of timeless vintage.

With French inspired dishes, the menu is extensive. Try the classic duck pate or indulge in some Siberian caviar. The drinks menu is also military inspired, featuring a 21-page document, scattered with vintage photos with stories attached. This is a completely unique experience that turns back time and allows the perfect environment to connect. 

Employees Only, CBD: $$

Cocktails from $27 Meals from $39

Best for intimate and sexy dates 

Don’t miss: The dark timber and green velvet combination that sets the atmosphere for a sexy night of fun and laughs. The intimate low lighted joint is perfect for your next sexy date night as it has an array of beautiful food and drinks.

Sydney’s best New York City inspired bar is on the streets of the CBD, we all know it and love it; Employees Only. The US venue was an architect of the modern speakeasy movement in New York and now it’s made a similar impact on Sydney. Bridging its late-night vibes with the world class cocktails seen in Sydney this venue is one to visit. The New York inspired menu is extensive, created by none other than French head chefs Aurelien Girault and Leo Garnier, who have intertwined Australia’s local produce and fresh seafood with the Italian cuisine that is reminiscent of underground New York. 

Taylors Rooftop, Darlinghurst: $

Cocktails from $20 Meals from $18

Best for a relaxed date with stunning views 

Don’t miss: the perfect meal with their extensive pub-style menu. Choose from a selection of pizzas, burgers and salads, but don’t forget to try their amazing snacks ranging from garlic cheese fingers to indulgent wings.

On the fourth floor of the Republic Hotel you will find Taylor’s Rooftop. This sexy bar has a gorgeous aesthetic is complemented by a vertical garden and the view of the city skyline. Featuring delicious bar food and refreshing cocktails this is the perfect place for a fun date night. On the weekend, Taylor’s has a rooftop dance floor and a stage for some of the best internationally acclaimed DJs. Visit Taylor’s for a relaxed and romantic date night while watching the sun go down over the city. 

Sydney’s vibrant bar scene offers endless possibilities for a memorable date night. Whether you’re seeking waterfront views, cosy hideaways, or rooftop vistas, the city has something to suit every date and occasion. So why not plan your next romantic outing at one of these sexy bars and create memories that will last a lifetime?


$ – reasonable/average prices 

$$ – nice but affordable 

$$$ – expensive

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