Don’t Forget Your Table When Decking the Halls

easy christmas table settings for 2020

Six cheerful Christmas table decorating ideas to keep your spirits bright.

I’ve got my Christmas decor sorted for 2020, rocking a natural and traditional theme to help bring the festive season alive after such a turbulent year.

2020 has certainly tried and tested us all. But there is always hope on the horizon. And there’s nothing like a little festive decor to help you channel those Christmas vibes, spreading love and joy to all.

Sound a little corny I know. But I think we all need Christmas corny after the year we have had. I went online to Koch & Co to sort out my Christmas Table.

Thankfully in Australia, a lot of the COVID restictions have eased to allow for family and friends to now gather in larger groups, especially at home. Just in time for Christmas.

Of course, this does mean you may be a little pressed for time on ways to get your home party ready for any last minute Christmas parties you may be throwing. Especially for your festive table setting.

This is where Pinterest comes in. They seriously have the best selection of inspirational decorating ideas for Christmas, that even the most unsavvy decorator can throw together in under an hour.

The Woodland Inspired Christmas Table Setting:

Probably the easiest table setting of all, all you need is variety of differnt sized artifical Christmas trees laid out as a replacement to a table runner. Start with larger trees in the centre and then work your way out to smaller ones.

Scatter amongst the trees some pine cones and candle sticks, which can be purchased at either the Reject Shop or Kmart. Just be sure to keep a little distance between the trees and candles, so not to start a fire.

Then lay your tableware, such as wine glasses, plates and cutlery, decorating with extra pine cones and some artifical festive foliage which can be found at both Target and Kmart.

A Botanical Christmas Table Setting:

You’ll need to take a little bush walk (or raid your own garden) for this lovely and very Aussie inspired Christmas table setting, and best set up on the day of entertaining.

Start with a white table cloth to line the table. Instead of using a table runner, you’ll want to place natural botanical foliage in the centre of the table and build up, using the bushiest foliage in the underneath, layering with the thinner ones on top.

Of course, if you can’t get access to any natural foliage, Lincraft and Koch & Co have a lovely range of affordable artifical foliage to use for decorating. Once you have layered all the greenery, top with either festive baubles, or natural fruits, like pomegranate and orange slices.

Finish with plates, cutlery, candles and glasses and you’re done.

Keep It Simple and Sparkle Christmas Table Setting:

If all the stores are sold out of Christmas decor and you are desparate to decorate your table and fast, this tabel design can easily be whipped up in a few minutes. All you need is some greenery (of any kind really – either artificial or real), pine cones or baubles (or both) wire lights (which can be purchased at Kmart and Bunnings) and some party table scatters (stars are preferable).

Try using a natural coloured table cloth, instead of white, to keep it earthy. Then in the centre of table, scatter your foliage around (doesn’t have to be even or perfectly places), then weave your wire lighting around the foliage. Place a few baubles and pine cones around, and then grab your table scatters and start sprinkling all over the table.

Set the table with your plates, glasses and cutlery and switch on the lights to make your table shine.

The Fun and Festive Christmas Table Setting:

This is the table setting you can play and have fun with. It’s easy to set up, and when you fill with little Christmas ornaments and gimicky statues, the better the finished design once done. the best part is, you can use whatever festive decor you already have laying around.

Set up a cheese board in the centre of the table, and then work outwards from the platter, laying natural or artifical foliage around. Then top with baubles, little elf or deer statues. Or go super corney and lay out a variety of different santa figurines.

You can even place gingerbread cookie men around the table. Stand them up and place amongst the foliage or on the plates, to create the illusion they are running all over your table, creating a mess. The messier the better with this theme, for a little festive fun.

A Gold-Infused Luxe Christmas Table Setting:

This table setting may be a little more challenging to pull of at last minute, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Especially if you are already channelling a little golden luxe this Christmas already.

Otherwise, Koch & Co have a stunning range of golden themes Christmas decor to help you achieve this stunning luxe table setting. To break up the gold, you will need some fresh or artifical green foliage as well.

Use a white table cloth to enhance the gold and green. Start by decorating the centre of your table with golden ornaments and statues, such as golden trees and baubles. If you are struggling to find specifric items, you can easily use gold candles to fill the spaces also.

If you have white plates, look at getting gold themes napkins to enhance the luxe feel of the plate wear to polish off your design.

Last Minute Elegance Christmas Table Setting:

Elegance can also mean minamilist. The simplier the better with this design, as you want to create a sophisticated yet simple design with a touch of homey elegance.

Candles will be your saviour here, as you can use them as your centre piece, especially when you’re time poor. Start by laying different sized candles (both of different thickness and height) in the centre of your table. If you have candle holders, these will come in handy to help create layers for your candle centre piece.

Finish by then laying some fresh or artificial foliage amonsgt the candles. But not too much, keep it simple, with just a touch of green, and then top with either some wire fairy lights or baubles.

Use traditonal red napkins, easily picked up from a variety of different stores, even Coles and Woolworths, to add a touch of Christmas cheer to the table and your’re done.

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