Why Going to an Infrared Sauna Should Be Part of Your Routine

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An Infrared Sauna is a great weekly addition to any self-care routine.

In 2021, your focus should be on yourself, and incorporating self-care into your routine is key. Wellbeing is such an important contributor to your overall health, it’s no wonder that people are realising it is essential to prioritise self-care.

Self-care is such a general term and can range from throwing a face mask on to doing 5 minutes of mindfulness every morning, or in this case going to an infrared sauna regularly.

Infrared saunas are different from a conventional sauna which heat your body temperature up by increasing the temperature around you. 

Inside an infrared sauna

While regular saunas do have a range of benefits it is often challenging to stay in one for a long period of time due to the intense heat. Infrared saunas can get up to 65 Celsius without the extreme heat and thick air which can be uncomfortable.

Infrared saunas cause your body to sweat by increasing your core temperature which has a detoxing affect, as sweating is one of the safest ways for your body to detox. It’s been noted in scientific studies that your body removes heavy metals as well as BPA through perspiration, these compounds have been implicated in chronic health conditions.

Not to mention the other benefits which include improved circulation, better sleep, clearer skin, relaxation as well as relief from sore muscles making it the perfect post-work out activity. With scientific reports to back up such claims it’s no surprise that more infrared sauna studio are popping up everyday. 

Inside SHELTER at Double Bay

Taking the time out of your day to focus on yourself is something most of us don’t do enough. The perks of treating yourself to time in an infrared sauna would be that you can practise meditation, do some yoga or even have a little dance party (we’re not judging you) while you are in the room, multi-tasking is the way to go.

With more and more infrared saunas popping up there is no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate a regular visit into your self-care routine.

Our pick is either Slow House in Bondi or Shelter in Double Bay which both boast not only infrared saunas but also a freshwater ice bath (which have loads of benefits)making it the perfect local wellness spot. Slow House also offer on-site Omnilux treatments.

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