How to Lose Weight With Meal Kits

How to Lose Weight With Meal Kits

Did you know you can lose weight subscribing to meal kits delivery service?

Let’s be honest, we all love to eat. And some of us may even like to cook as well. But when we are always chasing time, it can be hard to find the time to cook. And specially to cook, good and healthy meals. That’s where meal kits can come into play.

Meal kits provide a solution to being time poor and unable to prep and cook healthy food daily.

It can be challenging, constantly finding ways to create interesting and healthy food at home, including the time spent shopping for the ingredients, along with the time then needed to prep and prepare.

With easy to follow and clean-eating recipes of good whole foods of fresh fruit and veggies, you can learn to create a balanced meal, which is of the right proportion, helping to create healthier eating habits.

What most people don’t realise, is meal kits create the perfect solution for long-term healthy eating, resulting in sustainable weight-loss as well.

It’s important to note however, meal kits are not specifically designed for weight-loss, as they aren’t personalised to each individual weight loss goals.

What they can do though, is keep you on track for eating healthy.

Why meal kits are great for weight loss:

Balanced Meals – Each meal has been designed by a nutritionist or dietitian alongside chefs, so you know every meal will be reasonably balanced across the 3 main food groups. They help you become a better cook.

PreDefined Portions – Every meal arrives with ingredients for a set number of portions. The huge advantage is that you can’t have a larger portion or extra helpings without impacting the food available for your next meal (or other people’s).

Always Available – As meal kits get delivered on a weekly schedule, you will always have ingredients in your fridge ready to cook. There’s no excuse to be relying on takeaways because you haven’t had time to get to the grocery store.

Meal kit companies now operate across almost every country in the world, with the biggest global service, HelloFresh, serving 17 countries including the USA, UK, and Australia.

The three transformational weight loss tips:

As meal kits provide balanced, healthy meals straight from the box, it doesn’t take much to leverage them as part of your weight loss goals.

Switch to low-calorie oils or condiments:

When examined, the caloric sources for most meal kit recipes, they consistently had oils, butter, or sauces as significant contributors.

In reality, these ingredients mainly add unnecessary calories along with a small amount of flavor. You don’t need to use as much as the recipe says, or even use the same ingredient.

For example, recipes often call for you to heat some cooking oil in a pan. It’s a really easy substitution to use a low-calorie spray that could easily cut 50 calories out of the meal with no loss in flavor.

Condiments are another major contributor to calories, where plenty of meal kit dinners come with an unnecessary pot of mayonnaise. Simply switch that out for a low-calorie mayo and save another 50 calories.

You don’t have to cook or eat every meal exactly as described:

Removing superfluous calories is an easy way to supercharge your weight loss journey.

Add veggies for more portions:

Another meal kit tip is to bulk out meals with ingredients like vegetables, legumes, or beans to make your dinners go even further. It’s a great money-saving trick as well, as meat is very expensive right now.

It’s also a really smart way to reduce the number of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats in each portion.

You can then get 6 or more portions out of any 4-portion meal kit recipe. Portions that are super healthy and perfect for helping you lose weight.

Cut the unnecessary fats:

We’ve already discussed replacing oils with low-calorie versions, but there’s another recommended tip related to reducing the number of fats and calories in each meal. This time, only relevant to those having carnivorous meals.

The natural fats on any cut of meat are to be expected. Think of bacon rashers or beef strips that have plenty of fat cut alongside the meat. However, it’s not a feature that has to make it into your cooking.

Whenever you’re cooking, add a simple extra step to slice off the extra fats found on any meat in your box. Working with our nutritionist to analyse meal kit recipes, this was consistently one of the easiest ways to make meals healthier.

Small Changes = Big Impact:

Just by making these small changes, you can have a significantly positive impact on your success when losing weight. They’re no magic bullets, but meal kits will help develop habits that help you lose weight and keep it off in the future.

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